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  1. There's an easteregg here in the trailer did you see the El Burro painting. This looks awesome he's jumping onto the back of a truck strafing down a wall watching the cops ,and bullet holes in the window this is going to be awesome.

  2. I think if you go to the end of the island you can see three islands that are old Liberty City and if you Zoom in on one of the tall buildings there you could see a sign that says Remember Us? then a sad face. Or the three islands and a bridge halfway through where there trying to connect them if you get 100% the bridge is completed and you can go to portland, stauton, and shoreside vale. Another thing could be that the ghost town is this city and you can find the bank Claude and Catilina robbed.

  3. Sorry to bump but under the tunnel near 8-Ball's there are hobos with molatov Cocktails the men are based on this picture of darkel. this picture is also shown at the gta 3 official website when you look at the tunnelpost-10882-1181961720.jpg

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