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  1. This is just a total shot in the dark, I think the game could have Packie as the main character because in the credits to the Ballad of Gay Tony it shows Packie going into the aiport with a dufflel bag. Just a fun guess but whatever
  2. Stevie What two people go with Niko and Packie in the mission Waste Not Want Knots ?
  3. If you listen on the news, Jim was one of the bikers Niko killed on the subway. Yeah Ray sent the hitmen for Johnny and Niko for Jim. I liked how the ending was it showed the only Lost member who were actually loyal.
  4. Did anybody watch the credits all the way through. I thought it was a pretty good touch to the game.
  5. Cool thats really convient. Can you download content with a silver subscription?
  6. Yes it does decrease the loading time.
  7. yes he was another charcter that gave you rampage style missions but was taken out because of 9-11
  8. this is just like in san andreas when in a mission the police say los angeles pd
  9. In the mission Three leaf clover there is guy from the gun club and another guy with him what's the other guy's name.
  10. A game in the GTA IV Chinatown, a view that isn't in a top down view, and decent graphics then I'll get a DS just for this game.
  11. It's actually GTA Don's turn but the answer is Michelle/Karen, Alex, Kiki, Carmen, Kate You lose Michelle and Kate
  12. What are the names of the two possible final missions
  13. go on line find gracie's number call her test drive the car then take the car to the arartment for the kidnapping.
  14. Who works sercurity for a love fist concert
  15. Ok not gang group, but your right.
  16. Dardan Petrela, Bledar Morina and Kalem Vulaj are members of what gang.
  17. The real question is why wouldn't you pistol whip a bum ?
  18. A fun way is to go in a hospital after you died because you shoul be pretty mad after dieing so kill everyone there then take cover behind a white beam between to gaps and just watch the door you can kill all the cops before they reach you.
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