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  1. gtamaster3100

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    The inability to crouch was very upsetting; I thought most of the glitches were funny!
  2. Hey, howyou doin :D

    Nice to see another guy that analizes GTAIII, everyone is on GTAIV lol.

  3. gtamaster3100


    I think 'Fido' would definantly win. Tommy would be too busy thinking of some witty remark to take down the legendary GTA3 icon! 'Fido' always struck me as much more resourseful than any other GTA characters (Tommy, CJ, Toni...).
  4. gtamaster3100


    Sure, why not. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one still analyzing Grand Theft Auto 3. FYI: The 'C.R.A.P. caller' says that she has tried to use carrier pigeons to organize meetings, but that they keep disappearing. This fits together with a previous caller's topic. Early on in the broadcast, maybe even the first caller, talks about eating possum and squirels. Eventually this caller says that pigeons are good too, and sometimes they come with notes attached: "...they're like fourtune cookies with wings".
  5. gtamaster3100

    Best 6 star getaway car

    Whoever posted this question neglected to specify which game, if any in particular, this question was ment for. My response was chosen from the vehicles available in Grand Theft Auto 3. The "Yakuza Stinger" is the best car for 6 star evasion. It has superb handling and speed, and can take quite a bit of damage, considering it's a compact. The Yakuza Stinger is probably my favourite car in the game for it's durability and performance.