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  1. vonchong115

    GTA Junkyard

    Yeah, I'd really like some hosting. I made some awesome new updates to my forum: http://s6.CRAPPY IF SITE/gtajunkyard
  2. vonchong115


    Does that look like a dog to anyone? Some people say yes, some people say no, I think it does.
  3. vonchong115


    What, sorry, I dont' know if it offends anyone. I could write a cleaner version for some of you and the secon chapter is being worked on, thats why its' cra- bad.
  4. vonchong115


    Here's a story I started work on a long ----- time ago and after chapter one I just stopped for abgout a month. Well, now that theres some info on SA I want to continue it by Tommy somehow bumping into Carl Jhonson and taking him under his wing. I want to do that in this chapter (2, which isn't complete) but I'm still working out the best way to do: http://hostultra.com/~gtajunkyard/anewbeginning/ tell me what you think I should do... or just tell me what you think of the story and if you think its' worth finishing.
  5. vonchong115


    Yeah, thats where I got the inspiration from, I was thinking of how Tommy always started gasping for breath after jogging a while (before the ambulance missions).
  6. vonchong115


    Wow, thats cool of you man. When I first went through it I thought, "just another joker increasing his money/post count" but since you wrote it all out yourself, I think thats real cool. Nice list and good work.
  7. vonchong115


    Well, since I only found one about drowning, not swimming: I was thinking about acess issues. How will they keep you from reaching islands before the time is due? I was thinking of this message "All beaches closed do to recent shark attack". That way you would still be able to swim in the game but they woudn't let you in the water because of shark attack.
  8. vonchong115


    True, but diving would be great. Does anyone remember good ol' Super Mario 64 for the N64? That was great swimming. I loved the controls and something like that should be put into GTA. Adding to the original post, what if you are swimming for long distances, won't fatigue play an important role along with breath? I was thinking that it could work like this: You swim for some time until you swim for some time then you can only float because your character is too tired to carry on. until he regains his strength above watever you have to wait only floating without moving. The more you swim the longer periods of time your character will be able to swim.
  9. vonchong115

    GTA Junkyard

    http://gtajunkyard.vzz.net I didn't want to have to advertize other then in my sig but hey I need members to the forum and hits to the page. Well, this is a great GTa site of mine. The first I've made with out a free web editor. Now if I only knew php. Well, I hope you like the site, I know, the banner isn't that good and sometimes the links are hard to read on the background but hey, I'm too lazy to change it.
  10. vonchong115

    GTA Generation

    I have my own hosting. I already got someone who is going to install the hacks. Now, if I could just find someone to give me a .com adress. I would pay myself but I don't have a credit card.
  11. vonchong115

    GTA Generation

    Cam, I don't want you to host my boards can you just install the money and shop hack, arcade hack, user shop, and bank hacks on my board? I will pay you however much money I have.
  12. vonchong115

    Gta Insider

    http://gtainsider.tk is my website. If you go please sign my guest book. We have a chat room and active forums http://s4.CRAPPY IF SITE/gtacenter Please feel free to check them both out.
  13. vonchong115

    VW Golf R-32 Screenshot

    I can't see it! Just a red x.
  14. vonchong115

    Coffee Break Forums

    Oh yeah. I remember your forums. I was the top poster. Ashamed they shut down. :'(
  15. vonchong115

    Gangs of Liberty City

    I like the Diablos because I'm Hispainic, and because the Diablo stallion rocks!