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  1. you sound pretty much like a gansta their
  2. I might get this game, the gfx's look sweet. I loved the NFSU2 gfx's, so I think that I will enjoy this game as much as the other one. Racing games are sweet. I will probably end up downloading this game because I have other "more" important games to buy.
  3. this isn't going to turn out very well it seems
  4. My Intel doesn't get that hot . But I am going to upgrade soon to a AMD 64 bit since I do alot of gaming and programing.
  5. why doesn't someone close this stupid topic then , yea like what chris said, what is the use of swearing, this is a gta forum
  6. yea I know but I think that older people are good enough
  7. Fine you big AMD people. AMD 64 bit is better then intel, I figured that out by a computer nerd, and yes I would rather of asked a computer nerd then listen to a bunch of people on here I think I should save up for that AMD 64 bit, hell since I already have quite a bit of money saved up I should check out the price and buy the thing. Lol I think my computer has the right thing to put a zion processor in it Man that would be a blast to have a zion.
  8. pfft I would just use a tank and blow the hell out of them
  9. O UFO's, that would be pretty cool to see. That would be awesome if in the next gta they had ufo's flying that you could actually see at night and their is a alien base lol
  10. hm swearing, ah who gives a f*ck about the word filter. Just say f u c k instead of f*ck
  11. It looks like we got a madman killer on the loose
  12. You can only enter underground in a mission, other times you can't get in their
  13. Whatever you guys think, I ain't going to argue anymore about AMD or Intel because it would just be a waste of time and it won't get anywhere.
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