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  1. lol jk. Nobody remembers u anymre.sorry tho my brotha

  2. Rip man. ur still remembered.

  3. Happy Bday dude.

  4. Okay it makes sense now.

  5. He got banned..


  6. I really don't see how you got offended in the butterflies topic, I realized I didn't even say anything harmful.

  7. A few bumps and bruses, but I'll live. Looks like you're doing better...

  8. Yea. I know man. Yea I go to childrens hospital 7th best in state Im in good handds man. Ever need me PM me ok bud?
  9. Well I have to say that that was wrather rude. You don't know me. How can you say you are worse than me? You dont have a freakin clue buddy. As neither I do with you too. I do not know how bad it is. but I can tell you right now that wasnt very nice. Im not trying to start a fight I am just saying I think that was wrather rude of you but its okay man i feel ya We may have same stuff buddy For your info I passed out 4 times at school last year and had to be carried off on a stretcher.. now tell me thats not bad... Comon man. You have no clue.
  10. I want aloud to play gta till I was 13, but I played anyway when I was 12 lol
  11. I Hate kids in school known as "The helper kid" lol! Always walking around asking for extra homework..Buggin the teacher, hell thats probably why hes not home his parents cant stand him either! lol I dont really know if it pisses me off.. Just something I thought of that irratates me a little lol XD
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