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  1. josef8

    Pre Order

    Not me. I don't preorder
  2. mmmm I'm kinda afraid of the three playable characters... well, Rockstar never dissapoints.
  3. It's not that good of a GTA for a home console so I choose the PSP on this one.
  4. did u see the PS3 is $299 now!!!! oh wai...... april fools
  5. Probably not too long since all the models such as the characters and bikes are already in the game (some are hidden away) which is what I would assume would be the bulk of the file size. You just killed me
  6. If this flops Rockstar wont make exclusive DLC again... well only if M$ pays again
  7. WTF NO METAL GEAR SOLID 4 spore, braid, starwars, FUCKIN rockband2 TIme magazine my a**
  8. pff no matter how hard they try it always get pirated
  9. theres a new Gta Iv patch for the ps3, i guess is for the 360 too version 1.41 Does anybody know what is new about it?
  10. some missions were repetitive... and easy
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