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  1. I'm not a PS3 owner/freak, but I think he's talking about the PS3 who doesn't have a memory card...Still seems weird 'cuz Sony started it...Anyways, just sayin'
  2. I think Denzel Washington could be a good voice-over in a game. 'Ve you seen Training Day ? That's the sh*t.
  3. I'll make a list (order of thougts, not importance): 1-) More realistic money. I mean, who gets 10K for blowing up people with a RC, for exemple ? 2-) As everyone, better crash effects 3-) Less, a lot less cloned pedestrians 4-) New rides 5-) New car modifications. I know it's not a NFS game, but, if they keep the tuning car thing, they should upgrade it. 6-) A nice and sensed storyline 7-) Clothes shops. GTA's a life-like game and I think it would add more realism to be able to change outfits. 8-) Easter eggs and other stupid things that R* can make. Funny stuff like when CJ gets raped by Catalina. 9-) Better AI cops. I'd like to have no more "You-hit-someone-in-the-face-I-pull-my-pistol-and-bust-'till-I-run-outta-ammo" kinda like cops. I'd prever to see cops who, as long as you don't pull your gun out, they'll do the same. Or they pull it out, but not fire it, just tell you to stop. It's weird, but I'd like to, if I want, be able to surrender and not using brutal (or bloody) force. It would add realism, don't you think ? 10-) No more feeding, no more gyms ( I'm pretty sure there won't be, but who knows) 11-) A lot of side missions who are related to the storyline. I mean, who thought that Vigilante and Paramedics missions ever fitted in any GTA ? Me, I've never. Yeah, it's cool, but, it doesn't fit. 12-) I'd like to see cops protecting me. I get into sumkinda trouble (I get shot), I fire back and a policeman sees me, he should only shot a me. But at those who fired first, y'know m'sayin' ? I think it's about it & yeah, Fatalgamer, it's R* North
  4. It's way too eazy with cheats. The last time I used cheats, was when I first got GTA3 on my PC when it came out. Cheats take out achievements, and I want to proudly beat the game on that one. For the person who said he doesn't like to run outta ammo, have you ever ? I mean, the whole serie has never been realistic about money. You get enought money to buy every gun you want. You just need to know how to aim good and you're all set. But if you're a bad shooter...Train !
  5. Probably. They go down to the ground. It has been pointed out by the guy who analysed the trailer scenes by scenes (don't remember his name).
  6. I liked Sam L Jackson as a dirty cop, in SA. He was good.
  7. I think that small ones are kept on him. The bigger ones, I think, are in a bag. When Nikko fires from the side of the red car, he has a "GTA 4 Special Edition Bag kinda like" on his shoulder...It's just a guess
  8. Word ... No hate, but, dude, everyone who saw the trailer saw the kids' fight. There is no need to point that out. Also, on your 2nd screen, it's Bank of LIBERTY..... BTW, you had a lot of time to spend looking for these HUGE catches....
  9. NO ! There will NOT be any girlfriends !.....I hope so because that thing really sucked
  10. I didn't mean not bein' able to fightback. I meant if you loose you fight, you don't die, you're just KO in the alley.
  11. Aight... 1rst off :Yeah, your map is colorless beacause you don't have the territories under your control no more ( The reason why I never took over territories at the beginning of the game, it's f*ckin useless) 2nd: If you didn't finish the BMX newspaper side-job, I don't think you'll have your money. You must have completed it to have the dollar sign and get money. 3rd : Do yo' thang in the country ( I don't think you need any kinda cash, right now) and when you'll come back to LS (at the end), take over the territories. 4th : No need for cheats to complete SA...The tuff'est thing's blowin up trucks at the plane-school. ( I spent so many muf*ckin time doin' that shit)
  12. If the 2nd trailer's real gameplay (or based on it), I'd say, yeah
  13. Been beaten to death by the AI would be stupid. But bein' set up and stomp'ed in a dark alley, left over bleedin for some kind of warning would be "cool".
  14. i know that there was a lot of unused store, but Binco's been used and I think it's stupid if the show the exact same store than in S-A and we're not able to buy clothes in it. Plus, R* confirmed that we'll can step in more buildings.
  15. I dunno if anyone mentioned it on the forum ( cuz i'm new ) but I think Niko'll be able to buy clothes. Couple of weeks( or may be months) ago, there's been an interview by R* in wicht they said that it's possible that Niko'll not be able to buy as much as CJ. But, in the second trailer, when Niko's runnnin' from 5-0, at the end, we can see shops and one of them is Binco (like in S-A). Edit : picture : http://img113.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gta2dn5.jpg
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