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  1. I know I might (probably will) pissed some people off by asking my question, but did R* said there will be girlfriends ? I mean, I never found a quote of any R* rep. sayin' that there will be girlfriend. My point is that they said you'll have to develop good relationships with people but that doesn't mean "love relationships". It could only be doind lil' jobs for people to have a favor back...Anyways, it has been in my head for a couple a days now, and I just needed to let it out (lol).
  2. i don't see what's annoying. In SA, I eat when I load a savegame before I do anything else. Take the big salad an' I'm all set for 2 or 3 GTA days.
  3. Yeah, but we can't really call it Central Park...I meant a real big park. GTA 3's park wasn't that big.
  4. I hate Quebec. Hey, stop sayin' that we all wanna get out of Canada. Personnally, I don't. I see no use for that, but many "independantists" are sayin' they got fucked by british ( in the 1600 ) and that they dislike the rest of Canada because of bullshit I don't know and don't fuckin care about. Y'all sayin' that you hate us, but, gimme 5 good reasons, fo' real. Edit : BTW, Quebec's to electricity what Alberta's to oil.
  5. Essi- Cuz it's the shorcut of my first name ( Frederick-Alexandre Essiwah) Chamillionaire's "Don't Talk To Police" shirt - Because I don't like police since they tryed to pinn my neighborhood's school vadalism on me and 'cuz they ask me way too many questions when I wait to take the bus T.I. ownin' Tony Gayo video - Simply because Yayo sucks and he got OWNED !
  6. We will ? I didn't know that it will be in the game
  7. Do u mostly speak french since ur in Quebec? Yeah, french's primary language. But my step-father's from Ontario so I speak english at my mom's. But why ? ------------------- BACK ON TOPIC ------------------- I second Tilly : it aint 'cause we saw Niko bust the door that he'll be able to do it in gameplay
  8. Have you ever been in Quebec June 24th ? It's a kinda Quebec Day and it's f*cked up
  9. What do you mean "quickly" ? My guess is that Niko won't need ton crouch and search in his back to change weapons. Let's say he has the bag on his left shoulder and he changes weapons : Put his gun (hold in his right hand) in his left hand and toss his bag to the front : 1 sec Open his bag, replace his gun, close the bag and put it back where it was : 3 secs You waste so much time....
  10. Hi, thanks for your comm' !;)

  11. You,re saying that it help newbies, but is there any ? I mean anyone who wanna play to GTA IV, have at least played SA or VC, no ? But still the nb'z'll be able to play withtout any tutorial : Foot : RT = Shoot LT = Run X = Jump A = Action Car : RT = Accelerate LT = Brake B or A = Handbrake ....Is there anyother ?
  12. I think during mission, you only need 2 guns. Well, I do. I start off with a pistol and if there's isn't any kinda cover and I'm under sum heavy fire, I take an auto. Either AK/M-16 or SMG/Uzi. I'm not passing through my whole guns after every waves of ennemies. So, if you can only carry a type of each weapon on you, I think it would add realism and be great.
  13. What I thought...I just wanted to be sure...My english's good but I don't get some words' abreviations. I'm from Canada. I mean, I'm from a french-speaking canadian province.
  14. I think there should have some for the things you don't see at firts sight. I mean, for exemple, R* said stealing cars'll be harder, may be , you have to press a combination of keyz (buttons) to do so. Still, controls are in the booklet...But I think there'll be, in the demo version tested 1 or 2 months ago by a UK reporter I think, said that when he went close to Niko's car a "Press RB to open trunk" warning.
  15. I voted : Trunk; over-shoulder bag; pistol under the shirt ( also for little melee weapons, I think) ; & finally, black market
  16. I'm pretty sure there won't be any desert/country side because R* said the map'll be smaller than SA ( Only NY and New Jerz) but with a lot of more details. And btw, I'm from Quebec, but, aint it only water who seperates these 2 states ? Where's the need for country-side ?
  17. You gotta press "G" or "Y" to recuit...I dont remember which one
  18. What di you think will be ( if there's any) other thing to collect than the packages ? SA add the oisters, horse-shoes and tags.
  19. Another thing, on that pic ( http://planetgrandtheftauto.gamespy.com/fm...ns/2/shot29.jpg ), is it a shotgun hanging on the wall on the right ?
  20. Probably, but when GTA4 was annonced, PS3 wasn't out yet. May be they haven't updated their site since and thought that it will have a memory card....anyways
  21. It might seems stupid ( or be already discussed about), but I was wondering, how many 360 achivements do you think there'll be in GTA 4 ? And what type of achivements ? Edit : My bad, I'm new and didn't know Admin edit: see here
  22. Essi

    After GTAIV?

    R* said that GTA SA was the and of a trilogie and GTA4 the beginning of a new era. So my guess is that there'll be at least two others. Not GTA5 and 6, non, GTA : Sumthin' and GTA : Sumthin'
  23. The one who's coming down the hill which you say to be a Sentinel really looks like a gang's car from Saints Row.
  24. Essi

    Updated Artwork

    anyway, i know this is a stupid question. but in the previous GTA games, do you ever see an artwork with the main character in it? i know it doesn't make sense, but could Niko be another character? you know, the "not main character one" Yep, San Andreas had two, however it can be argued they are of other people, but in depth they are the main character: 1. http://www.thegtaplace.com/image.php?img=s.../splash_bg2.jpg 2. http://www.thegtaplace.com/images/sanandre...th/splash04.jpg 3. He could also the be the front guy in this on but thats more doubtable. I dont think the first one's CJ...But you might be right
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