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  1. Sorry, someone got ahead of themselves and deleted your links. If you would post them again, it'd be great. Advertising IS allowed if you have more than 50 posts, BUT it is not allowed to be IP.free or anything like that, AND it should be half-decent site. In all honesty I can't find where I sourced it from, but either way. You're pretty famous and I don't mind you linking your site here. I really don't see it as a "threat" to stealing our fanbase and shit, heh.

    Ah okay, thanks for the clarification man, I´ll wait till I get 50 posts and then the site will be more finished too.

  2. Yo guys!, Today I´m happy to showcase my brand-new GTA Fansite. It´s still in really early stages but I will work on it the upcoming weeks til´it starts to look like something professional :D

    So without further notice,the 1st glimpse of my great cooperation with http://thegtashack.gta4hq.com/, that hopefully will get me more cred among the GTA community :D And yeah I´m using gta4hq´s fan template that I´ll completely redesign later on!


  3. As I said, here´s another map, it´s an update for all the guys that thought that the old one was too small and with too few roads etc. so I´ve expanded it, check it out:

    (I know it´s not like Kikizo´s map, but I started on this before the previews, so what the heck :D)

    Old one:


    New one:


    Hope you like it!

  4. How do you motivate yourself to spend that amount of time and effort on that?

    Fantastic though and very well in sync.


    Thanks :rolleyes:

    Well it´s hardest in the beggining when you´ve done the 1st scene, but then you just continue and make them one after one..I would say that the public reactions and feedback are the real things that motivate me, cause seeing my work on the net and in magazines makes me of course proud, and certainly Chris has helped me alot, so thanks o him :D

  5. have you ever thought of making a trailer remake in liberty? it would be cool to compare III and IV based on graffics, city mapping, character limitations, etc.

    Anyway, keep up the great work man, its just too bad there arent any more trailers out for you to make remakes of. those camera angles seem like they would be a bit difficult to match so close to IV, but your obviously able to do it. Good job.

    Thanks. well maybe we´ll get a fourth trailer,or I´ll remake the TV spot :D

  6. Another nice piece of work from you, Brotha. Seems that Vice City also has the sparkle which San Andreas had to when you made the remake of Trailer 1 & 2. Also, when he kicks the door open, it actually made me laugh and how Niko walked in their looks almost like how he walks in Trailer 2 & 3.

    Nice work, keep it up!

    Thank you man!,and haha yeah the kick is kinda funny :rolleyes:

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