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  1. www.ILIKEBIGFEETZ.ORG join the clan
  2. stuck on a mad dogg mission this is the one that got to chase o.g loc but he gets away all the time same place this is for pc any tips
  3. yeah im stuck on those missions sum body do them for me post it on here when done GTASAsf6.rar
  4. if it is pc then press num 8 to put the jet turbine front to back
  5. for the intense of care one look for ambulance # 37 dont bump other amulances just that 37 the # is at the back od the amulance
  6. ok im not using a ps2 stye control and ya it is pc can u help me finish that misson ill send u the file send me a message and ill give u that file
  7. is it the one when u have to get that van it kinda simple put it on a slow game play cheat and try that i had to do it because the game is srewed up like mine and that low rider mission witch i need help on can u do it or anybody else im getting mad at it and i do the right moves but it says too slow too late missed it wrong move etc
  8. im soo new on this and i need help on a low rider mission and ya i know it is the easiest misson ever but i do all the right move and it says im wrong sooo here is the save and ya finish it for me plz and i hope i dont smash this computer lol umm this is a save from special edition i dunno if it will work in normal or not soo try it!!! thx for help who ever does it for me Edit: i cant upload it but email me at this [email protected] if u want the file thx
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