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  1. All you had to do was leave him behind the first barrel (and turn the volume off, annoying prick zero) and bomb the tanks and move the planks in before he gets there, then all you need to do is make sure the other helicopter doesnt do anything (ram it, hit it with bombs etc...)
  2. I have two questions about the car modding garages 1) The one in San Fierro in Doherty, just across from CJ's, HOW DO YOU BUY IT?! Do you have to complete the driving school? 2) How come at random times the Transfender ones won't open? Usually if I'm in an unmoddable car it lets me in THEN says no.
  3. No one here hated the dancing mission? Damn it's gay. That and the first OG Loc mission... the rest were fun, except for Zero's of course.
  4. Check what buttons are assigned to "Special Left, Right, Up, and Down" , the ones that make the hydraulics work.
  5. Any hints for this? I hate cheating but whenever i press the direction for the move I'm on either it doesn't do the move or it does it way too late. Help? Would the slow game cheat work?
  6. hi i was thinking about getting SA for my PC but how much space does it take up i dont wanna get it and have no space....
  7. you realise you guys are fighting about VIDEO GAMES, thats as pussy as fighting about chess
  8. a remake of london 1969 guys thats all im saying
  9. the horses would probably be a problem because you just know someones gonna run around and just shoot horses
  10. yes some AC/DC would be awesome, maybe even some led zep if they go with my plan of redoing london 1969
  11. well if you think about it the addition of the 747 in SA wasnt too good of an idea then because its great fun running that into the buildings....
  12. yeah it was the one i downloaded here
  13. technically wasnt Vice city GTA 4
  14. i would like to NOT see retarded RC missions as part of mian story GF's people who cant swim mods that ruin the game rating
  15. I think a sort of remake of London 1969 would kick ass you know. I like the idea of all 3 in one game too though. i thoguht of the london idea since the last 3 games were sort of just bigger versions of the levels in GTA 1
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