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  1. It's between the Celica and that Supra. The Evo is nice but I prefer a coupe over a sadan any day....just go with the Supra. Depends on the $$ your grandparents are willing to spend. But yeah definitely the Supra.
  2. I like that idea tilly. I think a flashlight would be a pretty cool addition to weapon choices. You could use it to see in dark areas and stuff and beat the f*** out of pedestrians with it as well. Also, a bigger selection in pistols. After playing Scarface The World Is Yours, I think a .38 automatic would do nicely and for Pete's sake bring back the Colt Python or a .357! Also it might not be a bad idea if they incorporated being able to throw garbage and misc. objects such as bricks, bottles, Mc Donalds cups(lol j/k), and other things that could be found on the floor or in a dark alley that you could find with your trusty flashlight (wink wink).
  3. Oh my God, if you guys would have seen this chick, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have cared and you would have just gone for it. Besides, I was totally TANKED....SO GIVE ME A BREAK DAMNIT!....still waiting for stories. Anybody?
  4. wtf are you talking about? Anyways, does anyone else have any stories to share?
  5. Oh pish posh. All of you guys are sissies, and yes Pyro I understand that it is merely centimeters away but her pants weren't completely down. So I couldn't exactly reach it. Besides, it happened in a matter of a minute so yeah. FYI: I didn't lick her asshole just her crack...didn't reach the hole.
  6. ...and that's how I saved the world from VD....I mean.. I'm very sexually open minded with girls. But it will never get as far as sex toys or bringing another guy into the picture. gently caress THAT.
  7. Believe me I didn't want to. I probably would have just vomitted on her vagina or something though. So I guess it's good I didn't.
  8. I went to work (at my hot dog stand), sat there for about 8 of the longest hours of my life (I work with my ex g/f). Then, she pissed me off and I was stuck closing up by myself and stuff. But anywho, I went to my buddy's house and got SLAMMED off my ass. I passed out on his porch and they left me out there by myself for about 2 hours. Then, his older bro finally came outside and picked me up and threw me on the couch, where I later woke up at 9:30am with a splitting headache and severe nausia. Me so sickie to my tummy. I guess this thread is for ppl to share there stories of really bad hang-overs or bitch ass ex g/f's who drove you to get so TANKED that you licked a girl's ass crack and didn't even know who she was. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you about that. This girl flashed her boobs and pulled her pants down and put her ass in my face and told me to lick her ass....so I did. She was hot... Hahaha...anyone else have a story to share?
  9. "...unbelievably huge vibrating..." Hahahahaha
  10. @h2o: You really suck at this and because of that, you are ruining it for the rest of us. Either use your damn brains and try to make sense or just stop posting. Don't make me get my pwning pwniez. "...that didn't work..."
  11. @ h2o: Can you stop being a stupid little dueche bag and stay on track with the story. You flippin n00bs make me sick to my stomach. Why don't you do us a favor and strap explosives to your genitals and detonate. The Dell Executive...
  12. I think Rammstein is awesome and yes they are on the weird side. But still awesome none the less. I just wish I knew German so I could fully understand what the hell they're singing about.
  13. You know what's funny? I see 4 votes that say I hate you, but no one with enough balls to say post and say why. Silly little monkies. lol
  14. This is going to be my new sig. I'm going to work some more on it but I just wanted to see what you guys thought about it before I continue. Maybe someone could also give me a few pointers or helpful comments to send me in a good direction with it.
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