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  1. Ps3... Easiest question I had ever answered..
  2. I think a nice updated Vice City would be perfect. It would all make sense. They can make it look like a masterpeice with all the bright colors, sunsets, beaches, hotels, nightlife, rich retired people driving sports cars. They can make it 10 times bigger as well. with large malls, lots and lots of interior gameplay. ports and ghettos, rich neighborhoods, construction sites, marinas and docks, hotel tourist traps, bars, clubs, beaches with people everywhere. the list is endless but i think it would be perfect.
  3. well hopefully the rumor that R* will be exclusive to sony comes true, and the next GTA will be able to support other seasons because it wont be limited by xbox shit space and bad graphics and all that crap. i say blame xbox for no seasons and all that stuff.. pretty much just blame xbox for everything that isn't in the game.
  4. saying people died there is no reason to not put it in the game... many people died on the beaches during d day and thats in video games... get the point... it dont matter....
  5. wouldnt the city have many many more blocks that are closer together. like new york city? the map is sick i wont lie but i think there would be more city blocks:)
  6. those pictures are SICK! i love them.... the boat one looks incredable and the garbage truck one is just really sick... that would be a great side missiom
  7. he is definitely right about the peds being completely 110 unpredictable LOL .. they just zig zag in and out of lanes for no reasons and just stop for no reason...they will hit you from behind if your stopped ROFL.... they got to make the traffic system much more real... its impossible to drive along a highway and not hit a car..and if you did..your lucky as hell..
  8. everything in gta4 is amazing lol..... a newspaper on the floor is shocking! it is gonna look so real
  9. R* isnt stupid... they wouldnt put the online on the shit system....the only reason they would... would be b/c no one is gonna get it on 360 and they have to bribe people to buy that version... idk why anyone would... wouldn't you rather play with better internet, better graphics, better speeds, better controls, and better everything on the ps3? or is that just me... this game shouldnt even be on the 360.... pointless it cant handle this kind of game its crap...
  10. i am sure if there is a PC in your safehouse...you can play games, open up a map, contact people, and possably there will be somthing that activates a webbrowser if you have an internet connection...that would be f***ing sick
  11. by realistic i thinkthey should have more sounds...like if your standing still in an alley way..there should be wind and if your in the city..you should hear car horns in the background and dogs barking..and once in a while a car alarm goes off...sounds are huge...go turn on a need for speed game..shut the muisc..and you will hear all the city sounds..its wonderful! Gun shots should sound more real with an echo to it..usualy they sound so plain flat and boring.. if you have a sniper riffle that isnt silenced..it should make a huge sound that you hear echoing throught the area...the sound of the gun should take about 5+ seconds if its in the country..and afew seconds if your in a city. i think improved gun sounds would be really really really really good!
  12. yeh defnetly get it on ps3..if you want the full experience:) i know i am
  13. you gotta buy the ps3 its the best..if you get an xbox ill be so mad .. anyway..im soo excited..i look at the time left in the clock so much..i go on my PSP internet in the middle of the night just to see the time remaining!! I CANT WAIT!!!!
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