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  1. omly fools and horses has nothing to do with horses its about a cockney called delboy a rouge trader who is always saying this time next year well be miwion ares
  2. i love them all but i will vote for dads army
  3. i can't see the games either im on ntlfreedom useing windows internet explorer to view the internet
  4. I saw this good but disturbing program, called If....the lights go out it was set in the uk 2010 when the south is completely dependant on gas, the massive pipe line from the uk to Russia (witch was started this year) is completed and the south of the uk gets all its gas from there, then disaster, terrorist attack gas pipe destroyed the uks gas power stations are out of gas within hours then all of the south east of the uk including London is without power, oh and did I say its the coldest winter for a decade, people are freezing, gridlock, people caught in lifts and the underground emergency services cant get through, with London with out power millions of pounds are lost every 5 minutes, a state of emergency is called araaa its hell. what can we do to stop this from happening? can we save our selves? should we be demolishing old coal and nuclear power plants?
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