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  1. I want to make the sniper rifle zoom in further, but I haven't the slightest clue how. Also, I want to make the mini gun zoom, but that fazes me as well.
  2. I did, not there. I am not talking about Ultimate VC trainer 2.0, im thinking of a different one.
  3. There was this trainer I liked to use and I cant find it anywhere! It was like Crazy trainer or something. All I remember is that it allows you to edit what weapons the justice system has.
  4. Mr Bland


    I want to modify the brewery sign in red county for a friend, but i cant find the txd file. all i found was the one for the kegs, but i want the one for the sigh no the building.
  5. What is the name of the Pizza shop txd file in the gta3.img?
  6. Would there be a way to make a mod so shooting with a silenced pistol arises no police awareness? Also could it be done with the knife so if you slit a ped/cops throat that it does not alert the police? Sorta like a "silent cricket mod" And maybe a Jack Thompson ped mod
  7. I want to change the color of the paint coming out of the spray can to white. I looked in partical.txd and couldn't find anything. anyone know how to do this or can give me a pre-modded file?
  8. Mr Bland


    Hey, does anyone know the file name of the semi auto laser sniper in the GTA3.img?
  9. Thank you so much! I always wanted to change skins and stuff, so thank you so much!
  10. Yes, i always back up the files, i did it correctly, but i installed the mod on my Windows XP computer and it worked fine.
  11. it is a andromada working interior mod, i got it at GTAgarage.com
  12. i am using vista, i have SA v2 downgraded to v1 it is the DVD version, and i have a mod installed. whenever i start up it freezes. anyone able to help?
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