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  1. weirdalfan27

    Favourite song?

    I like pretty much all the tracks on Liberty Rock Radio (I'm a big classic rock fan). The other stations were okay, but there were probably only one or two songs from each that I liked (such as Flashing Lights, Footsteps in the Dark, A Day in the Life, Ven Bailalo, etc.).
  2. weirdalfan27

    GTA Beta

    Yeah, some things in the beta were pretty cool (the map, Darkel, etc.). But other things were a change for the better (i.e. Claude's old look). Also, I'm the guy who made that video (I have videos on all of the GTA betas)
  3. weirdalfan27


    There was no swimming in LCS. Only SA and VCS. Anyway, I would like to see Niko to actually LOOK like he was swimming. By that, I mean his clothes are wet, hair wet and messed up, and after he gets out of the water, water drips off of him for a short period of time.
  4. weirdalfan27

    Who would win in a shootout?

    Although Tommy was my favorite main charecter tto date, I'd have to say CJ, because of his experience with more weapons, and has great skills for them.
  5. weirdalfan27

    your least favorite mission

    "Taking the Peace", since it was remote-controlled, you couldn't do drive-bys, and the car was getting damaged too easily.
  6. weirdalfan27

    Last thing that you bought?

    A green screen off of ebay.
  7. weirdalfan27

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hey, everyone. This is weirdalfan27. I come from Chicago, and I'm running a YouTube account (it's in my signature). If you've seen the Beta GTA videos on there, I'm the guy who made them. I'm also a filmmaker, and love the GTA games. I also like some TV shows, music, and some other things. So that's it