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  1. you some kinda medium? you read my mind ;P
  2. Davve is me PtRvY is mah friend Hope you like it
  3. Nice vid will! (out of topic) I just wonder....no offense will....but why do you have so many comments on your vid and I only have like...5 or sumthing...I meen...how do you do it? do you tell them before?have you hacked them(ofc not ;P) but I just wonder. You have a future in stunting believe me. please someone check out CaBaDaBooM stunts in this forum.
  4. Thanks all for the tips, I'm working on a new one and it seems kinda cool atm...and I'll start with my first intro and see how shitty that'll be
  5. This is my best vid so far you won't regret you watched it! COMMENT!!! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0fkyigM_gFY
  6. I've done a vid with some NRG-500 stunts (no cheats(only the money cheat but it doesn't make anything to stunting)) I hope you'll think it's pretty good. it is my first stunts with bike, my other vids is most with cars. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8gLhrr65V2A
  7. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=e0qbcnoPUb8 http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uCH7ysIV86Q My 2 first GTA SA movie. I think I'm pretty bad in stunting myself so if you think something is bad you can just tell me, I need all help I can so if you got something bad to say about it, just say what it was and I might do better next vid. SAY WHAT YOU THINK! PS:Mods and some cheats used (the cheat is no cheats that improves my stunts like the "can't get wanted cheat) and the mods maybe improve my stunts a bit but please....don't be to hard on the mods xD
  8. Thank you very much Mpilk, yes it was much help. I actually saw the "PS2 thing" but I was thinking if it was possible on PC too but well thanks!!
  9. I got you the link here, you need to see some talking and stuff in beginning but then the crossair aiming is there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjxAzbTdY5U
  10. I've seen on youtube many times that they aim with a gun or something there are crossairs on the person you aim and it aims automaticly on that person...how you do that? I can't find it (yes I am noob ;P)
  11. I can't say I have many wishes..but here are some! -should be possible to have skateboards. (just thought it would be cool) -more exotic and classic cars as corvette, lamborghini and more (without needing to mod like a crazy man) -able to swim (that's a need...it was in SA so it should be here too but I haven't seen anything about it in trailers) -more weapons -more moves like rolling backward, forward, right and left (in SA there where only right and left) -peoples has there lifes (like someone here mentioned) like if you follow someone he or she will go to the shop or school or something. -able to get wings and fly to the moon.........nah just a joke -able to tune all cars in a transfender or whatever it's called (like in SA)sorry for mentioning SA all the times -speedometer -(and as many other has said)when the cars go upside down the shall not explode...I've actually heard that in crashes it's kinda hard to get the car to start burning, so if it just goes upside down it should blow up it should just be impossible to take and drive. -fuel in all vehicles (makes a realistic feeling) -animals!!!not just birds and stuff...dogs, cats and more...and if you attack the dog (if it's wild) it will attack back. too much to read?sorry if that's so.
  12. I don't know if this topic belongs to this forum but I'll just hope for help. CJ and all other characters in the game that you make missions at/with have no sound. it's kinda boring to see the movement of all mouths but without any sound. I beg you help me!
  13. I am doing right I'm sure but as example the necklace "africa pendant" I replaced with some other chain and I'm completely sur but when I buy the africa pendant it's jus the normal necklace. It's kinda hard to explain
  14. yeah I'm sorry for my bad explenation but I was just heading to training but ok I'll try better now...it stands on the readme files what I should replace in the file "player" I think which is in "models" and I've dowloaded IMG tool so when I click that "player" img tool pops up and I clicked at all files in the IMG tool player file and replaced all files that the ghostrider file had. why doesn't it work? it stands also on some of the files on readme that I can purchase it at binco but well something is wrong so I would be really happy if you can help me. thx PS.I hope it was a better explenation
  15. I'm not really and "elite" in GTA SA and need some help with this.... I was trying to install that ghostrider mod that is on "skins and clothes" and I can't just get it work...I have IMG tool and I do as the readme says but I can't get it work....please man help me Blod-Blod
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