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  1. They start doing that at 4 when in plane. 7-Tanks fire upon you (inaccurate) 8-Police choppers switch with hunters 9-Road blocks have people with rocket launchers 10-Tanks become more accurate and hunters start firing upon you.
  2. I heard about that when I got curious about GTA3. Looked it up on wiki then decided, look up SA too. Odd thing to have hot coffee.
  3. There was a dolphin in shallow waters once. I could've sworn it was a shark as well, it had the fin like a shark but was flat tailed like a dolphin. EDIT: There was also a balla who was hit by a moving car but died in mid air. So he was floating and laying at a odd angle. Then the medic revived him. He walked for 2 feet then fell.
  4. My favorite weapon has to be the M4. Large clip, nice range and the bullets don't stray in all directions much once hitman is reached. Perfect for absolutely destroying the ballas and vagos.
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