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  1. Man, that would just suck! That would hilarious to watch.
  2. Has to be when I did diaz's missions. He always cracks me up
  3. I had a plane crash right in front of me while I was driving my girlfriend. Boom, not fast enough and I die...
  4. That's when you go "MOTHER****** I WAS ON A ******* ROLL YOU ****** *** COMPUTER YOU ******* GAME YOU **** KEYBOARD ******* **** **** **** ect" I know I would.
  5. After what urban just said, I would love to use my mouse to aim. The pilot controls can get annoying after a while.
  6. Damn, now your making me curious what its called. Should try that sometime. Its also funny going off ramps with cops following you /off topic Try buildings that are high but have a small roof so helicopters can't get you.
  7. You may be right, but there is a truth in the fact that there may be nothing better to do.
  8. I would say CJ because he can have more health.
  9. I go for the PS2 because its the only one I have.
  10. I go for buildings higher then 4 stories. Or at catalinas hideout. Go to the edge by the water and shoot at cars. If cops are a problem, either jump and hijack a boat or just go back up to the hideout and save. Car parking things seem great as well but I haven't tried yet
  11. HEY!!! I just realized there's a squirrel with those guns!
  12. I actually like americans. I am the 1% in canada that do.
  13. And don't post if there's nothing that you would post to.
  14. Without cheating, is stealing them during those special missions the only way?
  15. Try going first person. If you played simulators before, it should be easy to pilot.
  16. I was playing SA and realized there's a cop who sounds gay. Ever notice that? I would have to agree with you on that one. Mabye the female cops would be slightly less reckless?
  17. A 12" hunting knife? Or a serated blade that can kill a man before he can scream! There is not much to owning a gun, even a paintball gun. Nor is there much interesting about them. Just go to a place that sells paintball guns and/or air rifles. If you have the money, you can get one. Used guns can cost pretty cheap sometimes.
  18. Hello there. I just realized how fast people seem to join here. I find it amazing. EDIT: YOUR FROM CANADA!!!
  19. I would say bacteria evolved into a chicken. Or some bird became a chicken through darwins theory. Or evolution.
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