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    Why playing GTA of course. Also animating at www.sfdt.com.

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  1. Man, that would just suck! That would hilarious to watch.
  2. Has to be when I did diaz's missions. He always cracks me up
  3. I had a plane crash right in front of me while I was driving my girlfriend. Boom, not fast enough and I die...
  4. That's when you go "MOTHER****** I WAS ON A ******* ROLL YOU ****** *** COMPUTER YOU ******* GAME YOU **** KEYBOARD ******* **** **** **** ect" I know I would.
  5. After what urban just said, I would love to use my mouse to aim. The pilot controls can get annoying after a while.
  6. Damn, now your making me curious what its called. Should try that sometime. Its also funny going off ramps with cops following you /off topic Try buildings that are high but have a small roof so helicopters can't get you.
  7. You may be right, but there is a truth in the fact that there may be nothing better to do.
  8. I would say CJ because he can have more health.
  9. I go for the PS2 because its the only one I have.
  10. I go for buildings higher then 4 stories. Or at catalinas hideout. Go to the edge by the water and shoot at cars. If cops are a problem, either jump and hijack a boat or just go back up to the hideout and save. Car parking things seem great as well but I haven't tried yet
  11. HEY!!! I just realized there's a squirrel with those guns!
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