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  1. It isn't that good, IMO. The combat system sucks major ass, the AI is major ass, the gameplay itself is major ass and the story is pretty ass, though it was a pretty interesting premise.

    One interesting scenario: I was walking down the street LIKE ANY OTHER GUY DRESSED IN WHITE WITH WEAPONS AROUND HIS BODY, right, and a guard comes up, and it's all like DO YOU WANT TO COUNTER and I'm like YEAH DUDE and he chucks a knife thing and it hits a random civilian for some unknown reason AND I GET SWARMED AND DIE. EVEN WHEN THE COMBAT SYSTEM DOESN'T ALLOW SWARMING. Or something like that. Doing this at a games expo doesn't help either.

  2. Spiderman II was much better.

    I didn't come to the cinema to see 30 minutes of emo Peter Parker, though it was funny in a stupid kind of way.

    And you can't really say there was 3 villains, Venom was squeezed in in the last 20 minutes.

    Stupid stuff aside, I didn't think it was too bad.

  3. I have a 120GB. I pawned my other ones off to the evil Linux penguin who stole my sanity.

    I have about 80GB of games. Most of them I can't reinstall, so they're kept on there. Games I never play but 'I'll get around to' stay.

    Then 20GB of music and videos, which used to be about 40GB, until I burnt the huge movies that I never watch onto DVDs (Pure Pwnage etc.)

    Then about 3-10GB of random shit. This includes installs for games that are really broken. Hello Korean MMO companies!

  4. yeahh mature, i like that word

    unlike premature like you wu


    Anyway, Ice is a growing problem here in Australia.. people pay loads for that crap..

    And about 70% of my school smokes, it's pretty sad. Some people also do weed and ecstasy.