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    Tobias Funke, M.D Analrapist Professionally, I'm an analrapist.
  2. (why is everyone getting so young now)
  3. Akuma


    STOP CHANGING YOUR NAMES YOU arhgahah and no i don't play guildwars, i grew up, yo
  4. SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM BOOM GRENADE LAUNCHER LOLOL OH SHIT VOTEBANNED FOR NOOB TUBE Yeah that's pretty much CoD4 multi summed up in one nice sentence. It's fun as though. Sort of like CoD2.
  5. Do want, that's amazing. My story is the same deal as Slayer's. And bass is awesome. If you listen to lots of rock, and strip the bass, it becomes absolutely horrible.
  6. Akuma

    Assassin's creed

    It isn't that good, IMO. The combat system sucks major ass, the AI is major ass, the gameplay itself is major ass and the story is pretty ass, though it was a pretty interesting premise. One interesting scenario: I was walking down the street LIKE ANY OTHER GUY DRESSED IN WHITE WITH WEAPONS AROUND HIS BODY, right, and a guard comes up, and it's all like DO YOU WANT TO COUNTER and I'm like YEAH DUDE and he chucks a knife thing and it hits a random civilian for some unknown reason AND I GET SWARMED AND DIE. EVEN WHEN THE COMBAT SYSTEM DOESN'T ALLOW SWARMING. Or something like that. Doing this at a games expo doesn't help either.
  7. Akuma


    Spiders, Spaz the Great, Heavy Weapons Guy, Barack Obama, Dave Mustaine, Spaz the Great, Gangsters
  8. I wouldn't mind meeting myself, heard I'm quite the cool character.
  9. Tom Morello, that is all. Also, I rocked out Through the Fire and Flames on expert, 4% ;D
  10. Eddie Brock (Venom) shares a cell with Cletus Kasady (Carnage) in the comics, and the symbiote spreads from Venom to Carnage, creating a totally insane super-villain.
  11. Spiderman II was much better. I didn't come to the cinema to see 30 minutes of emo Peter Parker, though it was funny in a stupid kind of way. And you can't really say there was 3 villains, Venom was squeezed in in the last 20 minutes. Stupid stuff aside, I didn't think it was too bad.
  13. Mine are probably Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode, Karma by Kamelot, Whiplash by Metallica (I like all their stuff though), Don't Stop Me Now by Queen and Jambi by Tool. ;>
  14. I have a 120GB. I pawned my other ones off to the evil Linux penguin who stole my sanity. I have about 80GB of games. Most of them I can't reinstall, so they're kept on there. Games I never play but 'I'll get around to' stay. Then 20GB of music and videos, which used to be about 40GB, until I burnt the huge movies that I never watch onto DVDs (Pure Pwnage etc.) Then about 3-10GB of random shit. This includes installs for games that are really broken. Hello Korean MMO companies!
  15. brutal death metal Anyway, I hate hip-hop.
  16. Also, going to Sydney for the holidays. I don't really like Sydney compared to Melbourne, but it's somewhat nice.
  17. Akuma


    Anyway, Ice is a growing problem here in Australia.. people pay loads for that crap.. And about 70% of my school smokes, it's pretty sad. Some people also do weed and ecstasy.
  18. I'm going to South Australia and Vietnam this year (confirmed). I love Adelaide. I've never been to Vietnam though, hope it's interesting
  19. I seriously have no idea what's wrong with this woman. Is this a cry for attention, or is she really mentally damaged?
  20. I'll probably cheat. Cheats are fun. I find the object of gaming to have fun, and I screw around in nearly every game. I'll probably beat the game once without cheats (as I did in San Andreas) after I winz0r it the first time.
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