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  1. is a LAN like a network adaptor cause i wanna play online with my psp,

    by the way i think you can downlaod music if you know a site because there is a web brouser in wipeout pure and when u put it to the pc and adjust it abit you can acsess the interent like go on google and stuff it was this hack i found while looking on the internet

    i want a psp but the uk date is june i think i need to know this 100% i want it in like 2 weeks cause my b/d is then,i was pondering of getting a u.s.a version but whats the differauce.

    and what is your favorite game on the psp????

  2. im getting it to

    Yes, there is a USB cable for it, and it would be your cheapest way to put music and other files on your PSP

    ive seen them there cheap but i hoped it could hold more songs and there is special movies for the psp now

    what is twisted metal like

  3. If you are going to just play games on it, and can't possibly wait, then buy an American PSP. If you want to watch UMD movies on it, just wait. Just wait...

    cheers bud i needed that i wanna use all of it so i would watch movies do u need a usb cable cause how do u watch a movie on your psp

  4. cheers for your thoughts but 2 new ideas


    you bring your $30,000 modded car out of your garage for a drive. Your drive intill your meter tells you that the tank is almost empty. You go looking around for a gas station. When you could not find one, your car stops. your left with a modded car out on the road, with no way to save it.

    i would kill myself if that happened to me

    well what we could introduce is a push button where when your can is empty and you want your can you can push your car to a petrol station and this could help if you tipped your car over,you can get our your car and push it back over so it dont explode,but pushing button would require more muscle if you dont have any muscle it would take more time pushing it.( i like that idea)


    I would just laugh if that happend, Tvc. Gas sounds like a good idea, even though I think they should make it where you can turn it on and off.

    you could go to the start menu and like sound and that in settings you can turn the perol meter on or off that would make the people who dont want a petrol meter,and the people who wants it top idea there.

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