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    Backround Story:

    Why? Everything was going so well...nothing was wrong...then...he just...quit, he sent his gang to the graveyard...Then I had the idea. Yeah, my East Side Lowriders...CFM’s gone, but I’m not.

    Remy stood atop the nearby hill, looking down at the warehouse. It was like they had all forgotten it...all but him. He reached into the small backpack, taking out a pair of binoculars and scanning the entrance to the warehouse. Like there’s going to be anyone there...He stuffed the binoculars back in the bag and ran down the hill, the cold wind biting at his skin. “Okay,” he whispered, “just get rid of the lock...go inside...”


    The lock broke, and Remy slowly opened the door, grimacing as it made a loud creaking that echoed off the other buildings. “Alright, lessee what we got here...” He flipped the light switch, gawking as the light glinted off the shiny paint of the lowriders. “Damn!” Remy ran amongst the cars, hand skimming across the hoods as he ran through the large warehouse, amazed. “Holy...” He stopped, leaning back against one of the lowriders and smiling.

    “This is almost enough to...” He paused, eyes shining with the thought. “Run a gang...”

    Leader - Remy

    2nd Boss- Jason290

    The Garage

    Hydralics Experts- The Candy Man (1)

    Paint Job Experts- Respect (1)

    Sound Experts- (2)

    Engine Experts- Mbssondude (1)

    The Lowriding Meets

    Lowriding Meet Planner- (1)

    Scanners- (2)

    Lowriding Drivers- (unlimted)

    Drive Bys

    Drive By Drivers- Akuma, randomman, 50cent:Bulletproof

    Drive By Shooters-, barfy (3)


    Weapon Supplier-

    Vehicle Supplier- skullraider

    10 Members in ELS





    Other Gang information

    Offical Gang Song: Trick Daddy - Represent

    Offical Gang Weapons: .45, Stubby Shotgun, Mac 10, MP5, Tec-9, Uzi, and rocket launcer

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