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  1. Go to the tour link i put up or even download it for yourself if you want proof
  2. Well, you guys don't have to get it. Whoever needs a new browser can check this one out. Also, you would have a browser with all the features with the other one except the other one has better looks, features, security, and etc? I know i would want the best out there.
  3. Well it must be good if it has Firefox in with it, so it should have all the same features with netscape. and i agree, netscape was bad at one time but the really changed it up really good, with thier looks and features now. Just try it out for a day, it acts like firefox except in a different view and it gives me great security with cookies on here and you get great tools for security at the top, i haven't got a pop-up since when i downloaded it. I actully didn't get pop-ups to the same site where firefox got some.
  4. I am telling everybody to get the Netscape browser than firefox because it is better at security, has better looks, can open up music pop-ups (other than firefox), you also get tabs like firefox, you get your local weather without downloading anything, a google search bar at the top, and much more. I am telling you it is way better than Firefox, click here to view the tour of it. Or if you are satisfied click here to download. And heres the catch guys that will make you still get it, it uses Firefox! If you look down in the corner you'll see the firefox logo. Join me guys with this browser!
  5. Maybe you should ask in the right forum
  6. Come and join the brand new GTA Society. We offically started the website on December 8, 2005 but the website is not up yet, and we offically started the forums on December 9, 2005. We are also advertised on a search engine. I hope this is a forum that you guys and girls will stay at because it will be here for a long time. If not, you can make a request(s) or comment(s) about something and we will do our best to fix it so you can stay. There is a gang section, store, a city, RP, General Discussion, and much more! Come and see it for yourself! Website Forums
  7. tell me when the forum works on it, is it IPB?
  8. This is my website's forum banner, what do you think:
  9. Yea, Happy Birthday Chris82
  10. lol, there performance manufactures
  11. What do you think of my street racing sig?
  12. Hey guys, i was thinking of coming back here again and do some more posting, being active, and maybe starting a better gang. So whats changed around here?
  13. Hey guys, sorry i have been unactive on here for a while because i was working on my new site, The GTA Republic. It started September 24 (yesterday on this post) and has 15 members so far and almost 100 posts. We are affliciated with Gang Land Forums, The L33T Forum, The GTA District, and the DOOM and Halo Forums. We have gangs, shoutbox, gallery, and a blog. We will be having a store too. Come and join today!
  14. Is the flowers in the picture moving? http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a196/rem...hics/stress.bmp
  15. If you need a avatar, signature, logo, or whatever, here is the please to get one. To get one, you just go on the forum and follow the instructions then we'll make you one. If you are intrested, click on the logo.
  16. This is a great forum that is starting out. It is a IPB 2.0.4 and has a gta store and money and others. You can talk about anything and have gangs on there. Join Today!!! http://www.thedistrict.xs3.com
  17. Remy

    PS3 Purchase

    i'm going to try to get it a week after or so, if it comes out before my b-day, i will get it for my b-day
  18. Mine is Metallica because they have good solos to thier songs and great tune. I don't like the new Metallica, only thier old songs like The Unforgiven, Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, and such.
  19. Remy

    The Society

    Ok, we really need members now!! This is a big site with 38 members and we need more to get a nice and big forum. Please join this site!!! http://thesociety.xpt.net
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