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  1. you're a cool member :)

  2. No worries concerning Power Phrase No 3 "To taste defeat is absolute failure, this is not acceptable, not an option, not a consideration under any circumstance" as I think Mr Alexander takes the biggest wanker award by some margin & I know it's only May but i'm pretty sure that c**t of the year is in the bag. Heres a Power Phrase to add to the list... ...No 4 "The fact that your sculpted eyebrows look like question marks, is only one of the thousands of contributing factors that make you look like a shallow over-compensating closet homosexual" P.S. I don't know if Un-photogenic is a word, but you have the blank clueless expression of a special needs child with a rubix cube in every picture.
  3. I don't really wish he was dead, but if he were to fall in front of a procession of steam rollers, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Besides, wishing that death finds him swiftly, does not re-enforce his arguement that GTA insights violent behaviour. If I said that I want to drag him kicking & screaming from his vehicle, flambe him with a molotov cocktail then head of for a celebratory lapdance, you might have a point.
  4. It's in Slovakia, they go there in Hostel. Would explain why Niko felt he had to get away, but I don't think it's as War torn as Serbia or Chechnya. I still believe R* have not given him a specific nationality. Perhaps you could find out the nationality of the voice actor & that would give you Niko's nationality by proxy.
  5. FFS will this guy not just contract AIDS & die already. I saw the vid a few days ago & to be honest I've seen more flesh in a shower gel comercial, how he has the audacity to call it pornagraphic is beyond me. Besides which, GTA doesn't even get near the levels of sexual gratuity seen in some mainstream films (Last Tango in Paris anyone?). GTA IV has been rated M, what more can R* do? Like Strip Poker or Erotic Monopoly just because it's a game doesn't mean it's suitable for kids. I hope that Take-Two or R* counter claim for harrassment & get him busted. While they're at it, I think the cops should check his basement for any kids he might be trying to "keep safe" from this moraly bankrupt game.
  6. Here's a crazy idea, maybe one of the other hundreds/thousands of people who purchased the special edition GTA IV also took a photo of the identical items contained within & by an amazing feat of coincidence...also put them up on the internet. It's right out of left field I know, but I'm just saying it's possible.
  7. I've just had to fork out for an absolute arse raping of a phone bill & now I'm laying out a few hundred for a holiday with my mates. So as desperate as I am for a PS3 & GTA 4 it will probably have to wait til next months pay comes in.
  8. That's the island based on New Jersey.
  9. LOL "Wrong! Compton was a nature preserve for bunny rabbits" LOLs some more. Thing is, in reality that's the kind of dreamworld these anti GTA muppets are skipping around in. I think R* should take out law suits against all of these retards making unsubstanciated claims that GTA insights violence. That way the money made from the payout could help get EA off of Take-Two's back or at least help R* go it alone, killing two birds with one glorious stone.
  10. That's a tough break man, that's like your fire place caving in on Christmas eve. It's touching though how everyone is sharing your pain & is there for you in your hour of need. I'm still holding out for my next gen console, but I had been leaning towards the PS3 before this revelation, factor in the curse of the RRODD & my mind is pretty much made up.
  11. I think this is quite a subtle change that will really add a lot of atmosphere to the game, it would be a nice touch to be able to swith the station on other peoples radios too.
  12. ACTUALLY, it depends. If the cops watch you drive in, you're still fucked. If not, your wanted level will go away and the game will progress 30 minutes. That sounds like a good way to do it, I think that laying low in any garage should have a similar effect, as long as you are out of tsight from the 5-0. It did feel rather ridiculous ditching a 6* wanted level in full view of the persuing FBI trucks & tanks. It always makes me laugh though, when you take in the view as you reverse out of the pay 'n' spray though the crowd of law enforcement vehicles...Bemused soldiers & Federal agents look around trying to get their bearings, as if they were suddenly released from some hypnotist's spell. Even funnier, is how they then attempt to find a sense of place & purpose in the bussling civilian environment, intergrating with about as much success as John Rambo on return from a tour of duty in Nam.
  13. Don't be stereotype. You realize it was an act (so British people may not usually swear like that) & that it could be that specific guy that swears like that? Seriously guys, have you never heard an English accent before? He is so obviously Australian it's ridiculous. If all the talk about censorship in oz wasn't give away enough, he even refers to the PS3 as a "thousand dollar machine"... ...we deal in pounds.
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