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  1. @ Neon allright take your time @ skullraider no problem.
  2. @ GTA PIMP Free of charger... @ Neon Ill throw in the avatar for free so it will be 700 @ skullraider yours is still in process..
  3. umm do we have enough space for this?
  4. @ Legendary Vegeta. you want a premade or do you want to request? Which ones do you want tutorials on?
  5. its nice. but i just dont think that the in game screen shots blen well with the rest.
  6. if you would like an avatar here you are. 100
  7. Ouch way off... All Brushing My Friend!!
  8. <center></center> Welcome to the SIG LAB. The Lab specializes in premade sigs, but we also take request. Make A Reqest To make a request please PM me the following Information: Sig Size Sig Theme Sig Font Sig Slogan (If Any) The cost of Requested sigs will range anywhere from $500 to $1500 all depends of the time I put in it. Premade Sigs Splinter Cell: 1st Sig: $700 2nd Sig: $600 Chronicles Of Riddick: 1st Sig: $600 Bands: Green Day Sig: $600 Premade Avatars Avatar 1: $150 Avatar 2: $250 Work Examples
  9. I think it was one of the best movies ive ever seen. Except for that NOOOOOOOO! part by Darth Vader that was terrible!
  10. Check out my sig store.. Im sure youll find something..
  11. I see that you like Star Wars.. I did this one a while ago an prob wont use it so here you go if you want it..
  12. thanks guys.. @ Bryzed... do you have msn my sn is laughatbilly
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