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  1. I remember this dude! Happy Birthday! (Although you never come here anymore lol)

  2. i remember this dude

  3. Woot first comment!

  4. Oscar


    Thanks for joining, I thought I was the oldest active poster around here 01/31/1985 (22).
  5. Oscar

    Does the death scare you?

    Agreed And I am not scared of death, it will happen no matter what you do so why fear it?
  6. Oscar


    I liked the violence and the humor of the movie, cant say is my favorite movie but was really good overall.
  7. Oscar

    What MP3 player do you have?

    Creative Zen Vision M (30GBs, black), what can I say? I love it and use it all the time. My Z530i phone (1gb), I barely use it for music. My PC (160 GB) I spend a lot of time at it. My Laptop (80gb) I use it mostly for homeworks and projects.
  8. Oscar

    Which Mobile Phone you have?

    Z530i, not the best features and a small screen resolution but I am happy with it, fits my budget and as long as I can have ring tones I like and some Java games is good enough for me.
  9. Oscar

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    Really makes me thing about getting a new console, is something I have been thinking about, specially Xbox, I am not much of a gamer anymore but companies keep releasing new games that really make me want to play again. Really good trailer, I liked almost every aspect of it.
  10. Oscar

    Where are you going on Vacation?

    I am likely going to a beach 1 hour and a half from my city, yup not many options when you have a low budget, but I expect it to be really cool.
  11. Oscar

    simpsons movie

    Me too, cant wait for that movie
  12. Oscar

    How many hours

    Considering I work 4 or 5 hours a day in the comp (8 saturdays) and I am studying a major in computers so homeworks are always in the comp, plus I like to check sites around 2 hours a day, I can easily say that around 8 hours a day, saturdays are 12+ hours.
  13. Oscar

    Anyone likes metal?

    Not sure if its metal or what kind of metal, I just like music: Spineshank Silent Civilian Disturbed Soil Drowning Pool Slipknot Sepultura (after I saw them live, awesome) Metallica Godsmack After forever (saw them live along with sepultura and this band really kicks ass) Lordi Nightwish Lacuna Coil Thats all I can think as of right now, I like all of them.
  14. Oscar

    Spider-Man 3

    Cant wait for that movie, that and the TMNT.