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  1. I remember this dude! Happy Birthday! (Although you never come here anymore lol)

  2. i remember this dude

  3. Woot first comment!

  4. Oscar


    Thanks for joining, I thought I was the oldest active poster around here 01/31/1985 (22).
  5. Agreed And I am not scared of death, it will happen no matter what you do so why fear it?
  6. I liked the violence and the humor of the movie, cant say is my favorite movie but was really good overall.
  7. Creative Zen Vision M (30GBs, black), what can I say? I love it and use it all the time. My Z530i phone (1gb), I barely use it for music. My PC (160 GB) I spend a lot of time at it. My Laptop (80gb) I use it mostly for homeworks and projects.
  8. Z530i, not the best features and a small screen resolution but I am happy with it, fits my budget and as long as I can have ring tones I like and some Java games is good enough for me.
  9. Really makes me thing about getting a new console, is something I have been thinking about, specially Xbox, I am not much of a gamer anymore but companies keep releasing new games that really make me want to play again. Really good trailer, I liked almost every aspect of it.
  10. I am likely going to a beach 1 hour and a half from my city, yup not many options when you have a low budget, but I expect it to be really cool.
  11. Me too, cant wait for that movie
  12. Considering I work 4 or 5 hours a day in the comp (8 saturdays) and I am studying a major in computers so homeworks are always in the comp, plus I like to check sites around 2 hours a day, I can easily say that around 8 hours a day, saturdays are 12+ hours.
  13. Not sure if its metal or what kind of metal, I just like music: Spineshank Silent Civilian Disturbed Soil Drowning Pool Slipknot Sepultura (after I saw them live, awesome) Metallica Godsmack After forever (saw them live along with sepultura and this band really kicks ass) Lordi Nightwish Lacuna Coil Thats all I can think as of right now, I like all of them.
  14. Cant wait for that movie, that and the TMNT.
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