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  1. i think that somebody should pin this
  2. for swimming you probably need new ifp and thats fucked
  3. same thing happend to me they responded to install manually
  4. i wish that they dont put 50 cent akon & other ''hip-hop'' because is shit i would put sumtin from east side because its liberty city not los santos run dmc, wu-tang & other lil bit older bands are gonna be ok
  5. hey i want to install a car in vice city manually but he keeps telling me that file is too big and cannot be replaced same problem with the player can anyone plz help me
  6. or can someone send me save game with mission house party and wrong side of tracks passed and cesars and tenpenny not passed
  7. can anybody do it: big smoke - ol dirty bastard ryder - ghostface killah sweet - rza c.j. - method man og loc - gza errr... and thats it please can somebody i know to do it but it wil look crappy
  8. i have edited my gang member (the one with jersey) but he dont appear on streets and when i go on mission house party when ends the story and you must defend grove from ballaz the game crashes please can someone send me that unedited gang member (fam3.txd) please i need it
  9. i want to edit cars txd (i know how to do that) but when i replace file in img tool it always tells me that the file access is denied what to do?
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