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  1. Yh.. My VCM Wont work.. I will put them into the vcm folder and install them ike i am supposed too, and when i start the game it loads all the way and it says please wait loading game screen and it crashes there.. any solutions???
  2. Hmm.. I dunno how to use a txd editor.. I have got one called ViceTXD How do i use it?
  3. Yeah, so there are so many mods like realistic fire/blood etc. But i have to choose which one i want (which is rather annoying) so i wondered if there a way to use more than one of them. They replace the particle.txd file in the models folder which means that i cant use more than one. Could i open the .txd in notepad and copy the data from another particle.txd and paste it under then current data?
  4. Come to think of it, this is true! I was just playing VC the other day, then i got VCS again (after selling it about 10 months ago so i could get smash fottball on wii)and then i got to the mission where Lance comes in and i thought for a second that he looks like lance outta VC.
  5. Well, I was messing around with the outfits i had in vice city stories and i came across the 'Trailer Trash' outfit, and i thought for a second, that look a bit like Cj! ; White tank top, Blue jeans. I am not quite sure but i was just wondering..
  6. Yh.. how do i add them? I haven't a clue LoL
  7. I try to drag and drop VCM files on LithJoe's ViceCity Mod Manager but they dont appear on the list so i can't install them? Any ideas why?
  8. Right, I install the mods 100% correct, Example the halo skin mod, i replace the player .txd's & .dff's and i also replace the pictue in the generic folder with the halo one. Then, i loaded the game up, it came to the main menu, i went to options to view the skin, and as i clicked the skin vewing thing it crashed.. ????????
  9. yh, so when i try and replace .dff and .txd in the img thing it says that ones i am replacing with are too big and also i cant delete the file? plz help needed!
  10. Well just answer the quetion there! Mine would be.... Hmm.. The Spaz 12! It is so powerful and rapidfire to cause even more damage!
  11. Omg.. thats the song that reminds me the most of Vice City.. I dunno, but probz cuz my uncle told me there was a new version and i flipped, then he put Emotion on and mister mister - broken wings came on.. And hs started singing it! Awesome!
  12. Hmm.. I like hanging around in The club! And on the beach, Going at high speeds and running people over he he he
  13. Where can i get the full version of fraps?? .. for free
  14. Yh.. i sorta got bored or trying to figure it out so i looked up on how to make them user bars.. LoL But thanks a bunch!
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