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  1. Happy Birthday yo !

    May u stunt better than anyone !

  2. Burning Out This is a 12h collab we worked on a few days ago, hope you enjoy . I don't want anyone being a PlethZorb, just comment on the video please. Stunter List Daksad. Kukiel - Forgot you in credits, sorry . Punkay. Shadowsniper. SnowMan. Souzuk. Taz. High Quality - MKV Format 1280x768 6mbit, 192mb. Coming soon... Medium Quality - WMV Format 800x600 3mbit, 95mb. TGA Link. Low Quality - WMV Format 320x240 0.5mbit, 15mb. Filefront Link. YouTube Link.
  3. Shadowsniper

    Scavengers - 24h Timelimit Video.

    Yeah I know, I'd rather people visit the page so they can see my account and shiz . But thanks .
  4. Scavengers 24h Collab, stunted 2 days ago and edited in 5 hours. All upload today, enjoy . Stunter List Kenny. Ruchy. Shadowsniper. High Quality - MKV Format 1280x768 6mbit, 166mb. Filefront. Medium Quality - WMV Format 800x600 3mbit, 77mb. Filefront Link. Low Quality - WMV Format 320x240 0.5mbit, 12mb. Filefront Link. YouTube Link.
  5. Shadowsniper

    School Fight!

    Nice , might aswell post my story. Some chav always picks on me and my friends cause we are 'moshers' and stuff . Yesterday, same day as you this guy comes up it was a rainy day, he came up with his mates and pushed me into this huge puddle. Got up and fucking punched him in the face until he was crying for me to stop .
  6. Shadowsniper

    [SA] Grey Day

    Pretty nice vid you got there .
  7. Shadowsniper

    My videos.

    The two in VC? They're shit and I don't have any links up for them anymore, I think.
  8. Shadowsniper

    My videos.

    Seems you guys like stunting, being new here I thought I might as well post an easy link to some of my videos for you to see, you can find my youtube page HERE, and below are my favourites . Loik Wow! - San Andreas. Ride With Me - 12 hour Timelimit Taxi Solo - Liberty City Mod. Empty Hopes 2 - San Andreas. My Shift - 5h Timelimit Collab - San Andreas. Takedown - 12 hour Timelimit Solo - VC/LC. Acceleration 2 Car Collab - San Andreas. Working on the VC2SA modification community video at the moment, should be out in a few months, keep your eyes peeled .
  9. Shadowsniper

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello, Im Shadowsniper from GTAStunting and this seems like a nice place so I thought what the fuck, I'll join .