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    i am making a new account nbecause i cant get more damn cash i got- so ill be having a competition first one to post wins my account!
  2. mgoogles


    welcom bak did u have fun?
  3. mgoogles

    who would win this gang war?

    aww damn tooth fell out!
  4. mgoogles

    gta pics

    im selling sanandreas pics it costs 10 dollars 4 1 these are wat u can buy 4 now
  5. mgoogles

    gta pics

    thats all
  6. mgoogles

    gta pics

    this is 10 dollars to
  7. mgoogles

    gta pics

    this is the next 1 4 10 dollars
  8. mgoogles

    Katana raffle

    i dont like the idea i hate raffles because no1 eva wins + the tickts cost its stupid
  9. mgoogles

    who would win this gang war?

    im glad u no wat its about now =)
  10. mgoogles

    The Basement Sale

    ive spent 900 gold in here cus its so gd umm how do u steal from a bank lol?
  11. mgoogles

    The Basement Sale

    thats well cheap i mean spaz shotguns are about 2thousand gd prices
  12. mgoogles

    Three Word Story

    so pete went
  13. mgoogles

    Tommy V or CJ

    hard choice tommy survived 15 yrs in jail and cjs not a druggy tommy is i would say.. tommyv
  14. mgoogles

    Big Red Button

    cool its a fetchfido game i like fetchfido =)
  15. mgoogles

    Milkyboy's graphics

    oh umm can u make me one sayin to noob it makes to os. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssshhhhhhhhh
  16. mgoogles


    ive been trying to find out how to make sigs tel meee
  17. mgoogles

    M³ W³³ Líl Shºp

    ill buy a sig
  18. mgoogles

    who would win this gang war?

    look theres a gang war with 2 gangs on each team get it now!
  19. mgoogles

    Milkyboy's graphics

    ill buy the pickle 1 plesh
  20. mgoogles

    buyin sig

    id like a a sig saying mgoogles and a pic of a frog in a pond
  21. mgoogles

    Three Word Story

    a penis inlarger
  22. mgoogles

    higher or lower

    todays prize a freewebswebsite called www.freewebs.com/gtaplacewinner im thinking of the number 106 higher or lower?!? !congrats to are last winner earthbound!
  23. mgoogles

    higher or lower