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  1. i shut the shit off that one i no the html and php
  2. can some one help me make a · Gangs System i do not no how to make one me and some frends are making a gta site we have the forum up now and part of the site but we need help making a gta Gangs System we have the shop up now if some one can help me plz
  3. we did not get the news frome your site ok stop saying we did we did not get it from your site ok
  4. if you do not hack i will give you 2 free gmail e-maill 2gb of free spac and your site will be add to SkyNetz Gamez Staion search site for free IF YOU DO NOT HACK SKYNETZ GAMEZ STATION FREE EMAIL FROM SKYNETZ GAMEZ STATION GET ONE TO DAY FOR FREE !!!! YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT THIS ME E MAIL [email protected] ALL YOUR FOR FREE
  5. ?????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. try to hack SkyNetz Gamez Station you will befined up to 1,790,00 have fun the php nuke will be geting a new upgrad for on one can hack in to it thats all
  7. try to come into the sjsd school server your will be fucked
  8. sry for what is going on from SkyNetz Team
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