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  1. Shadow_Warrior

    The GTA District.

    I don't have many of the links up yet because i just started yesturday. And this isn't the real domain name of the site yet. I am still working on all of the catagories on the main site. More will be added soon. What color do you think would look better then the grey background?
  2. Shadow_Warrior

    Killing fun

    I think using fire was good, and of course guns.
  3. Shadow_Warrior

    Favourite radio commercial?

    I liked "exploder" for some reason. I guess guns i don't know. Their are others but I just can't remember right now.
  4. Shadow_Warrior

    which is the superior game?

    Vice City was my favorite because you actually had a map, alot of save houses, properties, and you could actually fly a airplane. I really didn't like GTA 3 because it didn't have a big map when you went to the menu and you couldn't even fly the airplane. The missions were good (some of them), but GTA 3 wasn't my favorite.
  5. Shadow_Warrior

    Fav Job

    My favorite is Vigilante because it was a fun mission, so is cherry popper that was a good mission aswell.
  6. Shadow_Warrior

    Favourite missions

    I liked the mission "keep your friends close" because I finally got to kill Sonne and that fool Lance Vance. "Sir Yes Sir" was also one of my favorites too.
  7. Shadow_Warrior

    GTA PSP Box Art

    That's good box art their Bryan nice.
  8. Shadow_Warrior

    GTA 1 or 2 On GBA

    no way i wouldn't care if it came for the GBA because the graphics would suck and it would be pointless to play it.
  9. Shadow_Warrior


    I will be getting GTA for the PSP when I get the PSP since the PSP's graphics are better than every game system.
  10. Shadow_Warrior

    Will you be getting it?

    I won't be getting it for the GameBoy Advance because the graphics on it sucks. But I will be getting it for the PSP when it comes out.
  11. Shadow_Warrior

    The Downloading and Gaming Site

  12. Shadow_Warrior

    who would win this gang war?

    no i don't know what the heck he is talking about. I just agreed because I wasn't thinkin
  13. Shadow_Warrior

    who would win this gang war?

    I'd go with Grove Street and the Triads even though I think that the mafia are strong.
  14. Shadow_Warrior

    Tommy V or CJ

    I would have to say CJ.
  15. Shadow_Warrior

    Mount Chiliad Mission

    I just beat the mission but you don't have to use a gun. You just have to throw a grenade at them (not a satchel) then throw another one when they get up and your position wil go up to first. It works that's how I beat the last Mount Chiliad Mission.