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  1. V.D.

    Yo momma's sooooo fat...

    yo momma is so fat she saw a school bus full of white kids drive by and she said stop that Twinkie yo momma is so nasty when she eats a hamburger it's like watching Jurassic park in surround sound owned...
  2. V.D.

    What are you listening to right now?

    hey can you c-walk yourself? but anyway I'm listening to Yes I'm A Quicker by Kurupt.... its like a weird techno rap song thingy lol
  3. V.D.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Never Again - Natz that song never gets old
  4. V.D.

    Introduce Yourself..

    yeah I'm new here and I'm a huge Vice City fan so I hope to post some mods here once I make them
  5. V.D.

    Wich gang do you respect most

    I like the Haitians best because they got hydraulics in their cars
  6. yeah I only have 3 questions... 1. How can you add your own pictures to the billboards in the game (I've seen mods that replace the pictures in the billboards) so how can I add my own pictures? 2. How can I add background pictures in the game menu (stats screen, pause screen, map screen, etc...)? 3. Is it possible to change the music files that the radio stations play? So if I wanted to add one of my own songs to VROCK for example how would I go about doing this? thanks in advance..
  7. V.D.

    How to make my bike faster

    yeah all you do is open the data folder and change the folder that says handing.cfg (or something like that) and change it to handling.txt then open it and scroll down until it says something about a pcj-600 and it will have numbers all around it. One of those numbers might say like 20... so if you wanted to make the bike faster then you change the 20 into a 30 or 40. hope that helped out