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  1. U got Pwnzorded dude luol

  2. J00r acc0uNt h4z Been t3h hax0r3d LuLZ

  3. Freestyle185

    Type your name(s)

    ok... fdrfrrfeedsgthyle19i8rtr5 That was hard.
  4. Freestyle185

    Chris is 19

    Happy B day i guess,
  5. lol, yea. The Leap of fail i call it :P.

  6. Ouch, your stickman in that Personal Photo really hurt himself :)

  7. Freestyle185

    The Random Post Topic

    I lol'd. Good thing he said it before I did I'm not in a good mood Its not his sister, its some uglymodel he found on the web. You think your right.
  8. Freestyle185

    The Random Post Topic

    ROFL! Jace you dumb ass!!! I talked to Oskar yesterday. Theres a difference between the sister in his Personal photo and the pics he gave you. THERE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!
  9. Freestyle185

    The Random Post Topic

    HA! Jace payed alot o' money 4 them pics idoit!!
  10. Freestyle185

    The Random Post Topic

    You do know that not his sis, right?
  11. Freestyle185

    What pisses you off?

    Peas piss me off. they taste horrible.
  12. Freestyle185

    Yo momma's sooooo fat...

    Heard it lol. Yo mommas so stupid she... ... ... .. .. .... erm. forgot what to say.
  13. Freestyle185

    What are you currently playing?

    Oooohe, i love that game! iit does rowk!
  14. Freestyle185

    What are you currently playing?

    C.O.D. 2 Multiplayer. w00t !
  15. Freestyle185

    new mods

    Cool, good luck with that