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  1. what?, ill see you on the MVIM Forums
  2. thanks, and before i leave, i want to say: I have had a wonderful time, here at the gta place forums, all you members are great people, shame i didnt get to know you better , anyway, i wanted to let you all know that, you will all be missed , bye for good , ill see you in the future maybe , bye
  3. thanks Yeah, but you havent been on the MVIM forums much recently anyway, but you have been just now anyway, my time is up, goodbye
  4. I know i didnt stay long, but i havent got enough time to help with all the mods, and ive got to help with my site (MVI Modding) and, my exams also coming up, so goodbye, but you may see me in the near future
  5. ill see you at the forums
  6. oh yeah, sorry, i didnt know if you added anyone
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