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  1. Bionicle125

    Adult Easter egg

    Can somebody post a picture of the penis rock?
  2. Bionicle125

    how to TELEPORT!

    I'm going to tell this to my brother,he plays GTA:SA and he would really like this!
  3. Bionicle125

    Welcome to SA

    Well done,you should make more!
  4. Bionicle125

    Ghost Vortex.

    Its a hill in Back o Beyond,on the map its shaped like a horseshoe.
  5. Bionicle125

    Hidden Pay 'n Spray

    There is also a Underworld gate near Hankypanky point.I was stuck between two cars (they were panicking cuz i fired at them) and i fell through the ground.I spawned in Palmonimo Creek (or something ) with the same health.It seems that you dont die,but just get transported. (off topic: i also once got a Underworld gate in Hidden and Dangerous 1)
  6. Bionicle125

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Woah,those are a lot of easter eggs! I'll try to find some myself... I've heared that CJ's dead mom haunts the Johnson house.Can somebody post a screenshot?