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  1. Joyrider

    GTA IV Trailer #2 Released!

    look what i just found on my ps3 when i was watching the trailer2 in frame per frame
  2. Joyrider

    the second gta for psp

    I heard that the next psp gta will be gta las venturas. And you will be playing in the 50s or 60s I read it in the dutch magazin power Unlimited I hope it's true
  3. Joyrider


    Why Can't I add anymore pictures? It said:File Attachments Attachments Global Space Left: 0bytes
  4. Joyrider

    Park it like it's Hot

    Well with a little luck (so go and get some horseshoes) and expert flying skills. When you hit the water you will first slowdown and later sink. But if you calculate the exact time that is needed to slow the plane down and not to sink but to slide onto the island. you are a hell of a pilot. But if you can't do that and you want to show you can do even better than landing on a small island as this there is anther option. What about the top of the Big Pointy Building. There is just enough room for one person to stand there, so it would be a great challenge don't you think? Well so far no good, i must have made some minor miscalculations when this happened.
  5. Joyrider

    Hidden Pay 'n Spray

    Another picture from the inside of the Plastic factory:
  6. Joyrider

    Hidden Pay 'n Spray

    I've been doing a little underground research and got into the builinding where you could only get once during a mission. The name of that mission was "You've had your chips" where you had to destroy some machines insede the factory. Well after that mission the door is closed and you cant enter it again. if you want to take a good look at it again, becouse first time you got ther it was a little hot and crowded and you couldn't get a good view at the place. Ey No Problemo Homes. This is an 100% legal way to get there (no cheats etc. needed) first you need to get the jetpack located at the meadow aircarft airfield. Enter the "Magic Gate to the Underworld" Hidden Pay 'n Spray. Fly underground to the place where the factory is located (somewhere in White Wood Estates). fly directly under the factory and you'll be able to fly up inside it. Well just see it for yourselve
  7. Joyrider


    Another attempt to derrail the train, but again no succes. (53)
  8. Joyrider


    Well let's wait a little longer with building a Picture Perfect gang(we now have an unoffisial underground gang LoL Spaz)
  9. Joyrider


    I'm sorry but your not a SAPP member, why not: becourse if you where you would be making perfect pictures with the SAPP stamp wich you don't have. But you can always become a member if you can make pictures of San An. Maybe it's time to make an official gang on thegtaplace of SAPP, what do you think Spaz? We don't have much members, but we can also accept members that don't make perfect pictures but make other things for the gang, like MVI. He made an online screenshot gallery with i'm using for my VCPP pictures (more about that soon it's still "Under Construction"). Anyway let's continue: I made this at the airport frontier after i killed that irritating person inside his boulding. It's a picture of the monitor inside.
  10. Joyrider


    I'm still trying to derrail that train: This doesn't even work, wtf is that thing made of? It just drove stright through it. And again "Mission Failed"
  11. Joyrider

    Park it like it's Hot

    Killa E, that really doesn't make any sense why you should put that in this topic . Anyway let's continue: I alway's thought that Alcatras (the famous prison "The Rock") would be close to the Golden Gate bridge. i couldn't find a building in the sea over there, only a small island. This took a few times untill it finually land it. I'm glad ther is water nearby cos this is a Hot Parked AT-400.
  12. Joyrider

    Happy Birthday Smartboy4

    Happy Birthday SB4 ,it's nice to have you here for another year.
  13. Joyrider

    Park it like it's Hot

    Strange, isn't it a little to large for that tanker? Im sure isn't an import/export vehicle. But it looks like it's HOT parked
  14. Joyrider

    Hidden Pay 'n Spray

    Yo should really try it, it's fun to drive the Tug in-there!
  15. Joyrider

    Vice City Picture Perfect

    I now have more than 300 pictures of Vice City but not growing anymore. So i was thinking of making an online Photo gallery where i can put all those 300 Vice City Pictures in one time. That would be much faster than putting on picture in one topic.