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  1. freakinova

    CLEO Script HELP

  2. freakinova

    CLEO Script HELP

    and where i gonna put these files? .fxp and .txd
  3. freakinova

    CLEO Script HELP

    Please anyone can give me a mod that change the Fire and Explosion's in SA and btw, where should i put .cm files? Thanks
  4. freakinova


    Ananymous girl?? <----- How to have Relation with here, she always says somethin like, i have too much muscle, and the other one she says, i need to show some skill,
  5. freakinova


  6. freakinova


    any guide's or anyone can show me where i can find CJ's Girlfriends!! Thanks
  7. pre, tigilan mo na ang mag-advertise :P

    bawal kasi rito yun

  8. freakinova

    The Random Post Topic V2.0

    My AlertPay Account Has just Recieve $5000 Dollars Last Month From 1DollarPTC and i Recieve $5 From ThinkBux and another $5 from CrewBux, I Thought this is a LIE a FAKE a SCAM, but it is NOT
  9. freakinova


    aw, nag iinvite lng ako eh, need ko kc marami referrals eh,.. ok i delete mo na kung bawal
  10. freakinova


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  11. freakinova

    New Wheels

    no Wheel.txd in gta3.IMG is there anyone there can Translate this?? 1. Entpacken 2. die wheels.txd kopiern 3. und in euer verzeichnis einfuegen ( Programme/Rockstar Games/Gta San Andreas/models/generic 4. und dann einfach ueberschreiben lassen(Vorher die alte wheels.txd sichern) Thanks............
  12. freakinova

    New Wheels

    i will replace it in IMG??, the README txt said i will replace it in "D:\Games\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models\generic" so replace it to the "D:\Games\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models\generic" not in IMG. i downloaded it here in "www.thegtaplace.com"
  13. freakinova

    New Wheels

    hi, I download the New Wheels in San Andreas Mod, but after i Replace it to the old one, no changes, it's still the old wheels.. Help,
  14. freakinova

    .TXD Problems

    my Problems in .TXD is .TXD in Vehicles, Weapons and Peds..................... THanks