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  1. I think GTA4 should be set now, and in the USA...maybe make the whole country, lol, that'd be impossible i think, i dont think PS3 could handle that, maybe a smaller country, like austrailia, or the UK...but i'd rather have USA.
  2. Joe8629

    I found latest info on ps3

    yea the new PS3 is going to be sweet, i hope GTA4 will come out soon after it does, but probably not. I'll buy the PS3 as soon as it comes out. I still don't have the PSP yet, but i'm going to get that one soon, when i get the money....
  3. Joe8629

    Favorite HipHop/Rap Artist?

    i like a lot of different rappers, i dont really have one favorite in general, i like Chingy, St. Lunatics, G-Unit, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 213, David Banner, Lil Flip, T.I.....and many others..they are good in my books.
  4. Joe8629

    7up -or- Sprite

    I think sprite and 7-up tase pretty close to the same. I havent had 7-Up in forever though, so i probably forgot what it tastes like. But mountain dew is just way better than both of them.