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  1. i hated the physics they should put in rag doll physics for people i hated falleing off mt chiliad and it didnt look very good i also hated zero he is the most retarted character in the game by for even catalina "aka sper bitch" was better
  2. tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch by bk is tha best
  3. ok this is for the mission in las venturas and deals with the casino mission the girl you follow and get gimp suit from and need to get her at certain % all you have to do is kill her and you get a call then all you have to do is just break into her house and get it that easy need any more help just ask and ill try my best
  4. this is sorta pointless but ill play along the answer to the first is umm i got it somewhere
  5. one of my favorite missions is cesear valipiono or sumthing like that where you mod the lowrider then take it in the competition the mission green sabre was cool just a lot of gun fire and the mission where you steal the hydra was fun
  6. you know you played too much when... your couch has a body groove eyes hurt of excess playing you leave the game console on if you go somewhere just so you dont have to wait to reload <-- that would be pretty bad
  7. mine is wctr becuase i like andy dick hes funny as hell i also like radio los santos that has some good music to
  8. iam going with the first because i didnt understand it wich means its expensive and good or flashy
  9. i rember i hated catalina she was and is the biggest bitch ive seen or heard in a game or life yeah she was definetly on her rag
  10. i hated a lot of peds i think iam up aroung 5,000 killed i also hated the guy in the jumpsuit by the lowrider competition everytime i go by i just feel the urge to hit, drive over, cap, blow him up i also hated the fat white cop who is tenpennies bitch
  11. you should be able to play someone in b-ball that would of been fun edit:im dum for posting my signature all over the place.
  12. me and my friends use bikes we cought a glitche once and player2 had a shotgun on the back of the bike and it was sweet we always get on freeway and takeout cars from behind and watch a pile up witch is always good fun
  13. gta sa is one of the best ever but when gta4 comes out it will be better (knock on wood) but yeah its alright
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