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  1. Hello people. I didn't know where else to post this but I'll put it here. (Didn't want to create a new topic either) I'm definitely not new to this forums but I've been absent for over 4 months. I was formally WiseGuyEddie and EddTehPwn3R in 2005 - mid 2006. Now I'm no wise guy, or a pwner. I'm simply Edds, keepin' it real. Anyway, I hope the forums has become more active over the past months and props to Chris for keeping the site up. Once again, this is Edds, back on the forums, hoping to make a name for myself, have a nice day.
  2. That's what I've been trying to find out since the match. What he said. Some France supporters think Materrazzi (bad spelling) could have insulted his religion or family that provoked him that badly. I know sending Zidane off or not doesn't make much of a difference of who wins, but having ended his career in such a way, it's heartbreaking, especially if it's a legend you admire. You could see a cheeky grim after Materrazzi was done speaking to Zidane.
  3. Steven, get it straight, no one resents the referee's decision besides you. I have to admit, though, Portugal played a slightly better game. They controlled most of the match.
  4. I had no dislikes for any of the past GTAs' features. Personally I enjoyed girlfriends and gangwars, if you guys dislike a feature I don't see why you just can't ignore them, it doesn't effect you. You're not forced to do them, unless it's because they're needed for 100% completion. But if a really large fraction of players want them out, too bad for me.
  5. I'm keeping a close eye on Group G, hoping France would advance (I've always been behind Thierry Henry), too bad they're not doing as well as they used to. How did you get to 2-0? Rooney's getting back so that should be a big step forward for the team...
  6. I'd release the emergency chute. WWYDI you were granted the power to do any one thing?
  7. It's stated that the game will be released for both PS3 and Xbox360 simultaneously. Does this mean that they will follow the limit of Xbox360's disc space, which is 9.4GB? (Or something around 9.4) PS3's Blu-Ray fits over 50GB. That's more than five times the difference.
  8. Time for a new game? Definitely. Lauch date too far away? Nah, I agree very much with Spaz, we still have upcoming GTA games to keep us entertained It's stated that the game will be released on PS3 and Xbox360 simultaneously, does this mean that the disc space will follow the limit of the Xbox's dual layered DVD? That's only around 9.4GB. And the PS3's Blu-Ray fits up to 50GB. Anyways, I've never anticipated a video game this much. Can't wait...
  9. LOL, the first post looks hilarious. What is this about?
  10. Edds

    Would you?

    Haha, 5 out of 11 people voted no. Which is almost half. I thought I was abnormal, guess not. Have I had sex? No. Would I if I could? No. For some of you guys, it's a yes, yes. Whoa!... Is it GTA that made you guys this hardcore?
  11. Ha, you'll soon get back with him. And as for those who distaste you, for some reason, or even no reason, don't bother. No one is liked by everyone. As for me, haven't posted on thegtaplace in a while. Anyways, a typical weekend, hanged out, did stuff, did more stuff, and now I'm going to do my homework. Impatiently waiting for summer.
  12. Edds

    Would you?

    Eww... Anyway, would I have sex, NO. Unless I fail to resist, which is very unlikely. I'm only 15, I haven't seen the "fantasy" of sex. Lol, chris82, you're precocious at most occasions, fortunately this topic isn't one of them. Keep it up, control those hormones.
  13. Yeah you pranksters better watch out for Ryan Dunn from Homewreckers. That is if you're in the U.S. My greatest prank? I was the victim, but I won't talk about it.
  14. Isn't Invader Zim on Cartoon Network? I'll sign a petition to not save Danny Phantom ha. Come on, a teenage boy, hunting ghosts? Fairly Oddparents rock. Spongebob, I used to like it, but now it's getting old...
  15. Wow, when I read Emma, I was thinking Emma Watson, and I thought right... I once loved her more than you ever had. Now you know the trouble of celebrity obsession, the time you gave me Dakota Fanning
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