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  1. looking for a mod that adds a trench coat. anyone seen one?
  2. thanx for help guys! ive found what ive wanted and yes i have backed every file i have ever modded already, still hoping to edit the cars used in race might have to mess around and find out some how
  3. im looking at editing peds textures but i dont know where the txds are keeped within the game files im pretty sure its gta3.img file but then i dont know what the files are called!! any one have any idea? also, i was to simply change the vehicles in races eg. change cars to more street racing type cars like the jester, elegy etc. im pretty sure this is a script type thing im going to have to edit, can anyone help?
  4. im looking for the TXD of the house at the abandoned airfield you own near the end off the game. anyone know what the name of it is?
  5. alright i have an idea to change and entire city, i want to make the whole place into a huge abandoned factory city, im thinkin of doing it to las venturas becuase its in a desert, im gonna keep all the shops and stuff and probably reskin it to look factory-ish but i'll replace most buildings that dont affect the main missions and that dont really do anything in game with gaint water tanks, power poles, pipes/big chimneys, wire fences and factory buildings etc. all the stuff found at the docks and the quarry in lv desert, i could probably do this all with map maker. i also want to change the roads to dirt roads but i dont know if i can, but the last problem is I want to change the texture of everyhting so its rusty iron and corrogated metal. is anyone able to help me in any way, what should i leave alone in case of any bugs that might occur?
  6. im about to start modding with map maker for gta and just to be safe i want to backup the files but not sure which file it mods anyone know?
  7. when i first tried modding (got the game about 4 weeks ago now!) i mucked my game about 3 times only cause i didnt read installation instructions properly, now i know exacly how to install mods and even make my own small ones
  8. hey ive got like a trial of 3ds max ive been tryin to modd stuff i seriosly doubt i coulkd make any great mods but im going to try anyways, really dont expect me to be able to do it
  9. er i know this is a little off topic here but urbanoutlaw you said you were pming a guy that might help you and my rusty car reskin, any new news?
  10. haha hell yeah it'll be sick with all the hair lol, who ever might make this should make the top hat too ;P im sick of all the gangster bullshit and rap since i started playin the game
  11. ive got a version 2 which i donwgraded and ive installed programs like camhack and sa studios that says it will only work on v1 but its working perfect on my downgraded v2 game
  12. damm sounds like something i cant do :S what program will i need??
  13. this probably mean editing scripts which to me sounds real complicated, btw why would you want 5 people in a four dude car? wouldnt the 5 person kinda glitch and like be sunk in the car because of no room to sit?
  14. ive got the txd workshop to extract textures to edit, i wanted to edit the sercuricar but i cant edit the main body part of the truck, like i can edit the interior and wrinint/logo on the side but were its one plain colour i cant edit, why is this and how can i edit it?!
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