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  1. Lonely People - America (Beautiful piano solo at 1:40, )
  2. Wow, what a great story ! I never fought at school, I can resolve problems by chatting, but I'm abble to fight if necessary. (well, I guess )
  3. I'm currently at school, in a "TPE" (Travaux Personnels encadrés => Personnal Works), and I'm supposed to search for documents on Google, but since my teacher is gone to buy her coffee, I post here...
  4. As far as i'm concerned, I learn Italian, German, English of course. That's enough for me !
  5. Wow, that's pretty cool. Not a lot of english speakers learn french... It's a very complicated language, and English is an international language.
  6. Ok, that's cool ! Come to France, the best ever country ! lol Well, if you can speak french...
  7. Is that so ? When you say "I'm going to step foot ", you mean you'll only walk ?
  8. I've already been to Newark, when I was to New York, to go to Las Vegas ! Great airport ! Anyway, have a nice journey in Florida !
  9. Use that converter. it uses the current exchange rate. xe.com
  10. Fart stories are disgusting...
  11. The only country I'd like to move to is the US. I wanna live there, so I will live there.
  12. Too late... I've just vomited
  13. OMG, what the hell is this topic ? I just feel like vomiting...
  14. I'm French, I live in France, but later, I'd like to live in the US, all my life long. This country is the best one to me. I don't care if I'm poor or rich, I'll live there...
  15. I tried the demo, it's a quite good game, but I think I won't buy it. I have to buy other games...
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