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  1. Lonely People - America (Beautiful piano solo at 1:40, )
  2. Wow, what a great story ! I never fought at school, I can resolve problems by chatting, but I'm abble to fight if necessary. (well, I guess )
  3. I'm currently at school, in a "TPE" (Travaux Personnels encadrés => Personnal Works), and I'm supposed to search for documents on Google, but since my teacher is gone to buy her coffee, I post here...
  4. As far as i'm concerned, I learn Italian, German, English of course. That's enough for me !
  5. Wow, that's pretty cool. Not a lot of english speakers learn french... It's a very complicated language, and English is an international language.
  6. Ok, that's cool ! Come to France, the best ever country ! lol Well, if you can speak french...
  7. Is that so ? When you say "I'm going to step foot ", you mean you'll only walk ?
  8. I've already been to Newark, when I was to New York, to go to Las Vegas ! Great airport ! Anyway, have a nice journey in Florida !
  9. Use that converter. it uses the current exchange rate. xe.com
  10. Fart stories are disgusting...
  11. The only country I'd like to move to is the US. I wanna live there, so I will live there.
  12. Too late... I've just vomited
  13. OMG, what the hell is this topic ? I just feel like vomiting...
  14. I'm French, I live in France, but later, I'd like to live in the US, all my life long. This country is the best one to me. I don't care if I'm poor or rich, I'll live there...
  15. I tried the demo, it's a quite good game, but I think I won't buy it. I have to buy other games...
  16. Happy New Year to all ! I think 2008 won't be a great year in France... A new law is etablished : From now, it's forbidden to smoke in any restaurant, any bar, and any discotheque. To celebrate that, I've smoked my first joint on Monday !!
  17. Moreover, It's not legende, but légende ! lol

  18. Theres a demo out? Was it not released in the U.S? btw I will be getting COD4 Today.. The demo is only on the European Store... Too bad for you. Anyway, this game is a bullshit.
  19. I downloaded Kane & Lynch demo, and it doesn't seems pretty cool... The game is full of bugs. It could have been a great game, but there are too much bugs. I think I won't buy it, even if I wanted it before...
  20. The Who - Eminence Front Rick James - Mary Jane
  21. Hi, I watched this trailer. It's awsome ! But I'd like to know some things. Roman says to Niko "I told you to be calm, you hotheaded chump". What does "Hotheaded chump" mean please ? Thx !
  22. I'm French, and in French, Legend is legende !

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