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  1. Greeny341

    Things you do for fun

    My freind does this thing called 'The Suicide Bike/Vehicle' just attatch as many satchel charges to your vehicle as you can and if you crash you blow up, it works most of the time. Otherwise dive off and let it roll into a petrol station and BOOM. I like to just start gang wars myself, do drive bys with poeple i've recruited, infiltrate area 69 with no cheats, go on rampages, do vigilante and keep going till I have about 100 poeple who all look the same against me. I also like to dive through the middle of that huge building in san fierro into the grass. I know theres actually a way to survive that as well. Drive bikes and vortex off huge buildings too. Next to all that I like to go on mad rampages in the countryside killing any weirdos in my way.
  2. Greeny341

    Talk about the worst thing in San Andreas.

    Basically Basketball was a total peice of crap but I thought that the game got way too boring after completing the missions. Hell, I beat it with no cheats, its way too easy.
  3. Greeny341

    GTA bringbacks

    I want another dark miserable polluted noisy liberty city style place. I loved that because you couldnt fly around so everything looked huge. I always felt like that was the best city.
  4. Greeny341

    Your definition of a perfect MAP.

    I liked that quite a bit but theres one thing I have to question about that. You'd need a ton of missions to occupy all that space. Heres my Map: Size: 2x of San Andreas Cities: 5 City #1: A city similar to Liberty City which is really dark and seems bigger than it really is. I also think it should start of with you being in the gutter with nothing. Name: New Clifton (I dont know if this is a real place I hope none of them are) City #2: A paradise for holidays, its built on a desert and its a theme similar to Vice City. There are hundreds of night clubs like the Malibu here. There is a Mafia expanding across this city. Name: Marina City City #3: This is a suburban paradise similar to Shoreside Vale, this is occupied by two main gangs, The Rollers and The Blue Kings. There is mostly gang control across this city and constant gang wars taking place here. Name: Victoria City City #5: A very freindly town, the only problem is the drunks at night, there are so many pubs and clubs here that its only natural that many poeple start throwing molotovs and start fighting eachother here. Name: Orchard Acres Countryside: There is a desert nere Marina City which is occupied by a few poeple in trailers who will try to stealth kill you if you come to near to their property. There is a large Canyon here also which you must get through to get to Victoria City. Name: Gash Canyon. Between New Clifton and Marina City is a large feild type area full of freindly farmers but also a few psycho's. There are many strangers out at night willing to kill you because you there. Name: Ruby Feilds Between the other cities is mostly hills and mountains like Mount Chiliad, there are mostly warm weathers but there is many winds and tornado's here. DA REST: You can go into any building and they are all unique in one way. Some are inhabited by poeple who will give you advice, but most of them will tell you to piss off. Many of the buildings can have something to do for you like Banks, which you can rob or store money in. Houses which you can buy or rent. Apartments which you can live or rent out. Properties, Gang Houses and much more. Car shops to have a car spawn outside any of your houses. (Enough ranting im bored)
  5. Greeny341


    I have to say the AK47 the first assault rifle that comes up in Ammunation. I just love the gun.
  6. Greeny341

    San Andreas Stunt Video: Welcome to the fold

    I thought it was pretty cool. But im a n00b what do I know? I'm inspired to go do a couple of stunts now *go's to the next room*
  7. Greeny341

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    Remember GTA2? You could mod the cars so that they shot bullets out the front, bring that back, they have to bring it back! Oh yeah and you can get your gang members to drive for you to a destination of your choice and you can do drive by's on the way there. You could have different routes like a city circle or eg. Temple Drive By Route. Also I think you should be able to dump spare weapons, packages and bodies in the trunk of your car.
  8. Greeny341

    Will you be getting it?

    I didnt say I didnt like those games I just said that it was stupid to make a game thats pretty much the same so YOU stop bitching.
  9. Greeny341

    Coke Vs. pepsi

    vanilla coke is sick I hate it. I love pepsi.
  10. Greeny341

    How far could GTA4 go?

    This is my idea since I had been playing GTA3, have you ever listened to the radios? Theres always poeple phoning in from some place called 'Costa City' thats where the next game will be set I reckon. It will most probably be like GTA2 where you work for whoever you want and you should be able to create your own character, height, eyes, nose, build, weight and such.
  11. Greeny341

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    It would of been cool where you had to drive around being high like in the boomshine mission of Vice City that was cool.
  12. Greeny341

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hey my name is matt im from 13 and I love gta games.
  13. Greeny341

    IGN Xbox Weekend Updates

    The only known difference between Xbox & PS2 versions is the graphics, what else does this version have?
  14. Greeny341

    Will you be getting it?

    I think it was stupid to be honest. Not much different from GTA 1/2
  15. Greeny341

    What are you listening to right now?

    2pac & Dre - California Love