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  1. Cocanuta

    Deleted Things from SA

    i duno if its because this is an old topic, but all pics are dead, and i realy wanted t osee them, if anyone saved them can you please PM me them Cheers, -Coca
  2. Cocanuta

    GTAHeaven Forums

    Hi, i own GTAHeaven and child sites, im glad to have found this topic, il read through your thorts on it and improov on the faults. as for bandwith, i have unlimited monthly bandwith so thats no prob, also i am currently working on a dial up friendly version. im glad some people like it, and the forum skin is just temp, im going to do another 1 soon, now that i know 95% of the skinning codes and scripting. -Coca
  3. Cocanuta


    hi guys, i would like to now let you know, my forum aint a dodgy copy no longer, i bought a proper copy. i know 1 of you came on my forum and thretend to report us to invision, well you said invision free, wich wouldnt have dont much good realy. but anyways.... im not iligal any longer