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  1. in Rainbow Six vegas online, people always go straight to the other teams spawn point and then when someone on the other team dies and they spawn, people from the opposite team start shooting at him right when he respaws. People expecially do this on the LVU campus level and the Calypso casino (except in calypso casino, they always hide in the 'keno' room and pick people off coming up the stairs from the bravo team spawn. This info could help you if you already didn't know, so you know what to expect right after spawning in R6 Vegas online.
  2. keep going connor see what happens
  3. well, im not flaming atleast besides, you also posted more than once in the nominations topic
  4. Most Knowledgeable (GTA3): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC): Most Knowledgeable (GTASA): Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS): Best Stunter (San Andreas): will99 Best Stunter (Vice City): will99 Most Respected Member: Orginal GTA Master Most Respected Mod/Super Mod: Most Helpful Member: MrLlamaLlama Most Improved Member: Joy Division Best New Member: Most Intelligent Member: Funniest Member: Most Original Username: Ivan Alexandrov Biggest geek: Chris Most Random Member: Most unique member: Best Avatar: Best Signature: Best Graphics maker: Max Payne Best Writing (creativity forum): Best Topic Starter: Medal of Honor: Userbar Whore: hunter8888 Weirdest Looks: Spaz
  5. then why don't you guys vote me for Best GFX maker on the awards!? VOTE FOR ME FOR BEST GFX MAKER. and, sure. I'll make more MGS sigs, and I added some Rainbow Six vegas sigs. 3 of them.
  6. bump, i need to know what you guys think, so i know what to do on my next graphic
  7. won't anyone vote me as best GFX maker, havent you guys seen mine?
  8. Spider-tampon or tampon-man Resident Tampon Back to the Tampon Kung Fu Tampon
  9. The point of this game is to think of the name of a movie, it has to have more than 2 words in it, and replace one of those words with 'tampon'. Heres an example: Max Payne: National Tampon MrLlamaLlama: Gone with the Tampon Connor: Resident Tampon get it?
  10. but there are a shitload of addons. way more than FF.
  11. I was thinking about that, but it was too late. I'm a pretty good PHP coder. What i don't get is why some webmasters that make sites that only use HTML can take it. When I make a site, I make a file called header.php, then require it into all of the other pages. Before i knew PHP, when I wanted to change a link on one page, I had to change them on all of the pages. I'm sure you understand.
  12. Avant Browser needs to be added, its good.
  13. Whats better? Not for creating a website, but making your browser perform functions. I think PHP, it allows you to store cookies, and gives you more freedom.
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